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Will you play the "Will you finish my sentence" game? #2?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) April 13th, 2016

Finish the posted sentence anyway you please, then start another sentence of your own. : )

Make it a funny or informative sentence or something else.

(From this)

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The Republican National Convention won’t have a first draft pick, so…

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People began to vote for Trump. But then…

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Hillary came along and swiped all the votes!

Who could have possibly thought of…...

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Trump or Cruz as viable candidates.

When your choices are a modern day robber baron or a Christian Ayatollah who favors a fundamentalist regime then maybe it is time to…............

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Change the subject!

The nicest thing I did for somebody this week was…

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give a little money to a homeless person. I once woke up to the sound of…..

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Hendrix’s searing opening guitar to Foxy Lady blaring at 10,000 decibels from a motel clock radio that unbeknownst to me was set for 4am. I damn-near had to peel myself off the ceiling. I thought the place was under attack by…

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a fiendishly advanced super race capable of generating 10,000 decibels from a device the size of a clock radio. Dazed and puzzling over my impossible survival, I stumbled from the demolished building to discover…...

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…I wasn’t hurt because it’s a marshmallow world!

The first time I saw the famous shower scene from the movie Psycho, I…

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was about 10 years old and it was creepy. Once upon a time on a land far away…

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a girl and her dog crossed a wide meadow as dusk faded to dark. They walked with purpose but unhurried. Midway through the field, the dog who was in front, stopped abruptly, sat on its haunches, then lifted its snout to gaze at the stars. The girl…..

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…looked down at the dog. “Are they coming?”

The dog shook his head sadly.

The girl began tearing up. “I’m so sick of this mission. These idiots down here have no idea what’s really going on.”

The dog looked from the sky back to her, “Oh, they sense it. They talk around it all the time. It’s just still too big for them. They’re just not ready.”

The girl began to tremble with anger. “Well, they better get ready. There isn’t a lot of time. God, I hate this mission. You know, if you hadn’t been caught with the general’s wife, we wouldn’t even be here. Man, when you fuck up, you really fuck up. It’s so appropriate that your cover is a dog.”

The dog laughed. “Hey, she was the one who…

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“I was wrong” the girl interrupted exasperated “dog is too noble for you. You’re a pig! And worse, you’re a careless pig. I’ve told you before about staring at the stars. You’re supposed to have poor vision. And what kind of dog gives a shit about the sky?” The dog sighed as it tilted its nose in the girl’s direction “Garlic & onions again…

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“Will you play the “Will you finish my sentence game?

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