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Why would she suddenly not reply?

Asked by mattyhewson (25points) April 16th, 2016

Me and this girl I know have been flirting a lot recently and texting, we have been texting for the past few days but today she suddenly seen my message and didn’t reply?is this a big deal? I mean people don’t continue a conversation on forever right? Do girls do this sometimes to a guy even if they like them?

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Maybe she is busy

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Write to her again and ask how she is doing. If she doesn’t text back, you know something’s up.

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Did you say something offensive?

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What did you say in your last text?
Do you perhaps overtext her? Give it a break for a couple of days and then text to say “hi”.

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It’s a big deal. It’s a nice day. She went outside. She’s flying a kite. You should, too, @mattyhewson. Go fly a kite.

Seriously. You’re way too deep in your head over nonsense.

Her phone ran out of power.
She dropped it in the toilet, the sink, the ocean.
Her parents got tired of her not responding to them and simply took it away.
She walked in front of a bus while she was reading your last text, and now she’s … gone to live on a farm with a nice family in the country, let’s say.
Another boy walked over to where she was sitting, smiled at her, and gave her a kiss. She doesn’t even know that you exist any more.
Or maybe she got sick and tired of trying to make meaning out of gibberish on that tiny screen, put down the phone and went outside to fly a kite.

Go find her, and fly a kite with her. That’s a lot more fun than texting, anyway. (Not as much fun as kissing, but save that for later.)

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Maybe you said something rude

Maybe she was busy.

Maybe she went to the bathroom and forgot to get back to her phone .

Maybe she has alot of friends texting her and something they said broke her concentration away from you.

Maybe she was at work and got caught on her phone.

Who cares.

Don’t take social media so personal. You can never really know what the other person is up to on the other end.

Maybe you should stop flirting and start being real.

TAlk to her face to face or go out or something.

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Gone? Left? Hello? Where is the one directly involved?

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