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What are top reasons for breakups?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) April 16th, 2016

What do you think are the reasons couples break up after being in relationship for say few years or so?

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Boredom. Cheating. Different goals – one wants kids, one doesn’t, one wants marriage, one doesn’t.

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One prefers Trump, the other prefers Sanders.

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Infidelity. @Jak the question is a cynic’s dream

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Wanting/not wanting children.

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True dat.

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I’ll bet in the courts the number one reason listed is incompatibility.

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Circa 1981 – The Breakup Song:

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Growing apart. Which results in @stanleybmanly‘s incompatibility.

All relationships end. Some by death, the rest because something changes or is not growing in the way both people want. The biggest obstacle to finding a relationship that last more than a few months is communication.

Look through the list above, most of those issues should be resolved or discussed before, as the OP says, ”...after being in relationship for say few years or so…”

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Money, lack of understanding and an over inflated ego.

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@stanleybmanly “Incompatibility” is listed because it’s a catch-all. Any other reason might require all kinds of proof. There was a time when getting divorced was a lot harder than it is now.

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Both of my break ups have been because of fundamental personality differences. I just couldn’t love the guys, much as I wanted to and tried.

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I have a feeling that most married couples fall out of “love,” but “successful” marriages stay together anyway. My 1st marriage was not “successful,” and I’m still glad I got out. I think.

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