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Christians, do you regard your God's name to be Yahweh?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5439points) April 21st, 2016

There seems to be somewhat of a division on this from what I’ve noticed.

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Jesus H Christ

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When I was growing up in the Catholic Church, the only place I remember the word being used was in a hymn. Around the time I was leaving the Church, they had banned the use of the word. I believe the Church stopped saying it for the same reason the Jews don’t say it—because nobody actually knows how to properly say it. The hymn didn’t get banned, they just changed the lyrics.

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The church I grew up in taught that Jesus was God manifested in flesh (as opposed to merely his offspring). They used many Biblical names for God/Jesus/HolyGhost, including and most often Jehovah. They didn’t specifically use “Yahweh” except in bad jokes. “It’s Yahweh or the highway”, stuff like that.

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@Jak does the H. stand for Hashimoto?

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The term “Yahweh“comes from the hebrew yud hay vav hay, and is a contraction. It also could be translated as “Yehovah” or “Jehovah”. But there are nine billions names of God.

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Having been raised Catholic, no name was ever mentioned except “God.”

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There was “God,” his son Jesus Christ,” and the “Holy Spirit” (or “Holy Ghost,”) which I think must have been the name of the official shuttle craft.

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