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What makes you happy?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 19th, 2007

just want to know

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I use this funny little technique to make myself happy in a hurry - I call it "look for the bright side". More here (yeah, I wrote that myself, and the cute pictures are my friend's):

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Just being alive. Family. When i accomplish something.

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Doing sports... particularly tennis. Being with friend and family, talking about embarrasing things from the past that make me laugh.

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Disc golf :D

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The seratonin/dopamine naturopathic supplement I use when I can't make dinner with friends, create new things, blend in with the crowd after a heist, or fall asleep with a cat.

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Let me know when you find something that works. Mostly staying busy keeps me from remembering how unhappy I am.

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I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning. That makes me VERY happy.

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simple times spent with my together

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family, friends, cruises, life, and girls. hehe ;-)

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Exercise increases endorphin levels in your brain. It's better than any drug.

Sex has the same effect, btw.

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When I picked my son up from camp last week, and the director (who's known him for several years) said, "He's become the nicest kid. You should be proud."

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Being with my family.

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My daughters and waking up to a new day always make me happy!

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