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Happiness,Love, Life, or Money?

Asked by missbabyboo (195points) April 16th, 2008

from all the above, which would you choose? what is more important to you?i think happiness is the key of it think being happy is more important in life

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u need them all. With one its like playing the drums with no guitar

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i choose life, if i cant be happy with my life, how can i be happy with the other, oh, and love comes last, although i crave it right now :p

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Happiness is a bowl of fresh strawberries.

Life is finite.

Love is eternal.

“Money is only something you need in case you don’t die tomorrow.” Name that movie children of the 80’s…

Love, I choose Love.

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love. I kinda find the rest are byproducts of the rest.

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happiness and love – you can’t take the money to the grave with you.

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life of you don’t have life then you can’t have anything else

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um how would you live without life? Either way I’d choose love :)

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I choose love!! Because to me if I don’t have love then I don’t have happiness and without happiness I have no life and whitout a life I have no need for money!!!!!!

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Wow Why not money? Money solves a lot of problems and you can buy that someone special with a lot of dough. :-P

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@luck yah one of those Russian mail order brides who don’t speak English!!!

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why not. They can might learn more than one who been born here.

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Dollars. Pounds. Euros. Yen.

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ummmm love = happiness = life.

money is convenient, and I understand its necessity, but how can it really make you that happy?

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Post it on Fluther.

Let’s see if anything turns up.

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LOL tell me that buying stuff doesn’t make you happy :-)

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I concur. I love riding my roadbike, which cost money.
Eating out.
Mascot heads.
Small dirty apartments can cost ridiculous amounts.
I could go on and on.

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well yeah, it makes me temporarily happy, but it doesn’t last like the other 3. Well, I do enjoy money when I can treat my girl to a nice dinner or something. But money isn’t something to focus my life on. I’m just one of those people who doesn’t think you can buy happiness.

Oh, um, can I borrow a dollar?

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There’s five, keep the change.

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right now in my life, if I could find love i’d be happy. money will come along soon enough

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money makes the world go round.
money can buy artificial life, love and happiness.
I would not want it that way.

I’d want happiness, you can make all the money in the world but if your not happy, how can you enjoy life? i can be poor and be the happiest person in the world.
without life how can you enjoy anything?
don’t take for granted that breath you take when you wake up in the morning, every second of the day.

don’t take anything for granted.

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The firs three seem like they have a lot to do with each other. I feel like If I picked one I’d fulfill them all. Money has nothing to do with any of them. In my opinion.

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Love, without love you really have nothing.. its that easy.

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with life comes love then happiness and if you are lucky and smart there will be money as well.

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money. it makes me happy.

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Money has no real value to me because I don’t actually need or want it. The people who want it are the people who give me food at the grocery store, the people who gave me my car from the dealership, and the person who let’s me live in his building. Don’t forget the people who give me electricity for lights at night time and the people who let me drive passed their toll booths. Also the people who have pumps setup for me so I can get gas whenever I need to or the people who let me have the clothes I’m wearing. What could I possibly do with green strips of paper? I can’t eat them or wear them or put them in my car to make it go. That being said, I’ll take my Health even though it isn’t listed. because as long as you have your health you can enjoy life, love and happiness altogether. You can also enjoy an 81/2 hour day doing favors and errands for people who in turn give you the green strips of paper everyone else needs from you.

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because it can give me happiness. and i don’t think it’s possible to have life without love. it’s just there. and the only reason i am alive is because someone loves me.
and i’d survive just fine without money. infact, i’m doing pretty well right now, with empty pockets.

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