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What's the temperature at your current location?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) July 28th, 2008

Outside/inside, doesn’t matter. Also include time of day and location. Celsius preferred for my sake.

In Oslo right now, 01:00 am 17c/62f outside. 30c/86f inside my room.

It’s mental I tell you, just got a new deskfan so I’ll survive this fluther session. Don’t worry guys!

“Why not just open all the windows in your house?”
Then every bee and wasp in a 100m vicinity of my house will have a party in my ceiling.

Yes, the unbearable heat inspired this question.

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A nice cool 90F.

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In Puebla, México 6:00 PM 13C/59F outside 17C/63F inside

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here in Tilburg (holland) it’s around 12C/53F outside, and 20C/68F inside…macbook pro, 2 external disk, xbox 360, tv… it’s cooking me alive….

i have my window open and it’s slowly cooling down btw

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The clouds have cooled me to 84 degrees with 75% humidity.

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upstate ny outside 7:12 pm 23c

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Disneyland, CA is 78F and balmy.

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North Carolina 33C/91F

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Norman, Oklahoma nice 101 degrees

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83° F, inland Southern California.

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Lets try this again Pokey, Idaho. 5:30pm 90F/32C. and holding. :-P

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86°F in New Jersey. 7:30pm

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Recently it’s been anywhere from high 80s to mid 100s.

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17C. (63F). It was 29C (84F) earlier today (it’s 1am now, and pleasantly warm outside). Huddersfield, near Leeds in England.

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About 76F outside and 105F in this room. I am in Ocean City, MD and it is quite pleasant compared to the 100F+ degrees in Dallas last week.

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Today, at my house, in the shade, I recorded a temperature of 109.2°F (that’s 42.9°C for those who like their math easily divisible by 10).

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south jersey: 79F/26C
inside: 75F/24C
time: 9:04 PM
fluther: priceless

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Phoenix: outside 108 and getting ready to storm

Inside – 82 thanks to SRP (local power co)

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Western Maryland, USA
71F/21.6C outside…... 68F/20C indoors
1:30 a.m. Tuesday 7/28

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2:05 am New Jersey 79°F

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