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Do you think that a Ghost in the Shell live action film would be good?

Asked by cage (3125points) July 28th, 2008

I mean, I honestly think it would be amazing.
But maybe that’s just me.

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with schwarzenegger as batou ? lucy lu as kussanagi ? no thanks….

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Yeah, it would be really awesome, though the problem would be finding an asian babe as busty as Motoko Kusanagi, Also, cowboy bebop would make a sweet live action film too now that I am thinking about it.

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I would like berserk as live action!

EDIT: I don’t know about Ghost in the Shell though… maybe

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Yeah, I’m with iwamoto – if its got big name celebrity “actors” then it’ll invariably suck. Now, really, who needs actors when you’ve got awesome CG and less costly voice-actors? (sorry andrew)

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@btko Berserk live action would be awesome

I think a GitS live action would be cool as long as they didnt have big name actors/actress’ . I would also like to see a good Battle Royal live action movie. I am aware of the ones made, but really they werent that good. They didnt follow the book to closely at all. Now thinking about it i think a battle royal anime that followed the manga would be amazing.

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Battle Royale (the first one) is one of my all time favs!!! its ace!

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@cage have you ever read the original Battle Royale novel? The movie isnt nearly as good as it could have been. Im not saying the movie was bad, but it could have been soooooooo much better.

IMO the manga is the best rendition of the story though, just because it takes everything from the book and then adds backstory for all the characters.

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mmm, sadly I live in Britain, so I wouldn’t know where to get the manga. :(

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Well you could buy the novel and mangas here orrrrrrr you could just read the mangas online here. If you liked the movie as much as you say you did, you’re going to love the manga. Without a doubt my favorite manga series.

(i have a shirt with the BR logo on it and a hoodie that has the class picture from the movie and says “today i killed my best friend”)

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lolololol, awesome. Worthy of a ROFLCOPTER indeed

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There’s nothing so out there in GitS that it couldn’t be done well as a live-action movie. However, since it’s already a movie and it’s damn near perfect why do we need a live action version?

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