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Anime movies/tv shows with robotics/androids?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) December 28th, 2011

I love robotics, androids and mecha and whatnot and the best movies and TV shows along this line are anime. I need some recomendations based on what I’ve seen, I can’t seem to find much else. Here is the list.

Ghost In The Shell
Ergo Proxy
Ameritage III
Battle Angel
The Appleseed Saga

I need something else to watch, can you thik of anything good?

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Tekkaman Blade (Japanese) or Teknoman (u.s version). Just bought myself Collection One for Christmas. That’s the reboot version, the original is from 1975, which i’ve never seen.

I also remember renting this on VHS way back – Big Wars

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Big wars looks interesting, teknoman looks a lot like robotech XD

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Any Gundam.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revolution.
Bubblegum Crisis.
Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Full Metal Panic!
Eureka Seven.

I haven’t watched all of these, but they all have mecha in them at least, and I’ve heard at least decent reviews of them (Bubblegum Crisis is just battlesuits I think).

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Dude, try Rideback, you might like it. : )

Can’t I interest you with a great anime movie without androids? Wings of Honnemise is great.

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Metropolis (1927 silent film)
Metropolis (Anime)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Blade Runner

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Oh mannn I cant believe no one mentioned Big O. Its fuckin Batman with Gundams, whats not to like? lol

Not really about robots but it has a cool robot in the cast. If you havent seen it already watch FLCL. Its only 6 episodes and its totally random but completely awesome at the same time. I just rewatched the series last night

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@uberbatman Ok that looks pretty badass XD

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It is :) I used to watch it all the time on adult swim back in the day. They still air it sometimes on saturday at like 2am lol

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Holy crap I actually found a copy of big wars online XD downloading it to check it out, but man it’s uncommon.

Also almost done downloading rideback, I would have prefered english dub instead of subtitles but at least they aren’t super tiny and yellow like a lot are.

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Ok, I FUCKING WANT a rideback XD Thats freaking badass. I wish there was a racing game with them or something. Thats uber cool XD

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Yeah, maybe Honda could manufacture them! : )

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Something interesting I came across looking at others is black lagoon, looks like a neat show nonetheless.

@filmfann Yes, metropolis is one I forgot, been ha ving trouble finding a good uality version online, that was a great one. the anime

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Man, too bad there isn’t a reboot or second season of rideback, those grimoirs are pretty awesome XD

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No second season? I thought there was.

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@mazingerz88 Nope :( only 12 episodes.

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Oh shoot. I’m watching the first season and almost finished. Darn it.

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@mazingerz88 yeah :(

Oh yeah, for anyone wondering Black Lagoon is freaking awesome XD

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Dont you just fucking hate when you find a new show and really really get into it only to find out it was cancelled prematurely. It seems like it always happens to the really awesome shows too :(

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Yeah I know:( there are some others that only had one season:(

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