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Is there any way I could travel to Cuba?

Asked by against_me (22points) July 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to travel to Cuba (legally) and was wondering if that was possible without the United States government punishing or prohibiting me.

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Sure, Americans go all the time. Investigate the proper channels and plan your trip.

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Here is what the state department says about travel to Cuba.

It lists all the classes of travelers that are permitted.

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Traditionally, if you live pretty far north, fly to Cuba from the nearest Canadian airport. Or, if you live further south, the nearest Mexiport.

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why would it be illegal ? this makes me think of that US girl that said “oh right you don’t get to vote in holland” .....

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I think they will fine you when you come back to the US, no?

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@iwamoto, the United States has a trade embargo with Cuba. U.S. citizens cannot go there for tourism. Honestly, until I read the info on the gov’t website that Marina posted, I didn’t think we could go there at all. Great answer, Marina!

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i knew about the trade embargo, but no travel either ? ridiculous….

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well, if you read the website Marina posted, it looks like you can go there, just not for tourism. You have to have a very specific purpose, such as an academic or professional conference. Crazy, isn’t it?

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yes, it probably is because they do not want americans to support the econmy of a communist nation. I have family roots there I wonder if that is what they would define a legitamite reasom.

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yeah, i mean, communism, gotta stop that…in a few years the economy in cuba will be stronger then the US’es, and they’ll be begging to trade…

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Bush will attend the opening of the Olympics in Communist China, but Cuba—bad bad bad——WTF?

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yeah, if you read the website, i think it says visiting family is a legitimate reason.

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