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Where can I rent a projector for a day?

Asked by lefteh (9429points) July 28th, 2008

Specifically in the central Ohio area. I’m throwing a surprise birthday party for my grandma this Saturday, and we need a projector. We thought we had one lined up to be loaned to us, but that fell through. Anybody have any experience in projector rental?

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Slides or old-fashioned film? We had to reborrow our old 16 mm we had given to a friend to show old family movies. I had them then transferred to video (also now out-of-date. The whole issue is impossible.)

They may be very hard to find. Maybe Craig’s list if they list in your city? At least you can use a white sheet or wall for a screen. Happy birthday, grandma.

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Sorry, should have been more specific.
A projector to hook up to my computer.

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Not a clue as to what that is, of course. Don’t bother to explain now. I am going to bed.

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@lefteh – did you try your high school? you might even get it for free if you have the right connections ;) such as the high school librarian

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I have to go in to school Thursday. I’ll poke around and ask some people…
I doubt that’ll work out though.

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OK. I have to know. Give me a link to the projector you are talking about. I need to learn something new today.

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Here you go, Gail.

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i have borrowed stuff from the school before. ask the guidance office, your favorite teacher, your democrats club adviser (which you better be a part of :P) and the librarian. that should work. be nice, sound responsible.

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Aha! Thanks, lefteh.

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Try the library

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Which city:




Ohio, Ohio

Are these close enough?

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wow 95$ is a lot of money..

btw, i second the library too.

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I actually live in Columbus.
I went around Googling and found sites like that…but they seemed a bit sketchy to me. Anybody have any experience with them?

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Sorry, no.

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If the party is being held at a restaurant or another public type of place, ask your contact to recommend a rental facility. If not, try this. I did a seminar at the Hyatt in Columbus a year ago and they provided rental equipment. Why don’t you call the concierge there and ask who they recommend? Good luck

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try a circuit city see if they have any “open box” items you can “try” it out and return it within 14 days. Or a new one comes with a 15% restocking fee, may be worth the price if you were willing to pay for it.

Costco has a nice return policy too, if they sell projectors.

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