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How do I remove OneDrive from showing up under This PC?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) May 10th, 2016

Fuck. Windows 10 makes me want to kick a baby.

Okay so like – I DON’T want to deactivate OneDrive – I actually use it to transfer big files between computers. But the annoying thing is that when I open up “This PC” it doesn’t show My Documents, it shows OneDrive My Documents, along with OneDrive My Pictures.

Now, I can pin My Documents to Quick Access but. . . I really want to just open File Explorer and have This PC be what opens up with all of MY stuff – not OneDrive stuff. I have no idea how this happened. I probably switched something when I got this new laptop and now I can’t figure out how to revert it.

This is Windows 10 btw.

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That’s strange. It must be a configuration, because I have Windows 10 and I don’t experience that… My “This PC” and my OneDrive tabs in File Explorer are definitely separate… but then I’m not very good at remembering to save things to the cloud so there isn’t much chance for an overlap….

This is just a guess—when you got your new laptop, did you transfer everything over through OneDrive? If so, it might be that the folders you dragged onto your new PC are just shortcuts to the OneDrive folders (not full separate copies.) I’ve made that “shortcut to folder” mistake several times, so I know it happens. I’ve found that when I drag large folders from one location to the next, the computer tends to assume I want a shortcut (probably a pragmatic storage-saving assumption, so I can’t complain.) Right-clicking the folder, choosing “copy” and then pasting into the source usually convinces the computer that I meant copy-the-contents instead of change-my-access-location. Alternatively, you can go into the folder and select all the contents to copy, then paste (or at this point, drag) them into a folder already waiting on This PC.

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I can’t seem to delete it. It’s not a shortcut.

To be clear everything else is fine under This PC. I can access the Desktop, Videos, Downloads and Music and any devices and drivers. But for some reason My Documents and Pictures are from OneDrive. In order to go to my real documents and pictures, I have to go under Libraries and find them there. But I want them under This PC.

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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I somehow made it a little bit worse

I was fiddling with seeing what would happen if I unchecked “Read Only” to the OneDrive Documents and then this happened:

There are like three more “OneDrive Documents” on the sidebar now.

I can’t seem to reverse that either now. I tried reversing it a couple times but it just duplicated it on the side.

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I really hate this shit.

I managed to restore that and tried deactivating OneDrive but OneDrive Documents and Pictures folders are still fucking there under This PC – only this time when I click on them it says it can’t find the path, obviously, since I deactivated it. It’s like no matter what the hell I do I can’t find a way to link my computer’s documents and pictures to be under This PC.

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That’s weird..

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Okay weird.

Here’s another guess—go into the properties of the folder (which I’m guess you have already to uncheck “read only”) .... go to the “Location” tab and see where it says the files are stored (I’m guessing it says OneDrive?) and try “Restore Default” or “Move…” [to the PC]? (Also probably re-check that other box…)—Assuming I’ve got the setup you want to match, the location of your files should be C:\Users\[your name**]\Documents

** it’s the abbreviation of your name that’s used as your folder name (see C: > Users to check). For me, if my name was Soubresaut, it’s “soubre”, so the location of my documents is C:\Users\soubre\Documents (I don’t know terms for sure, so I’m sure I’m over-describing)

(You can also see the location of the folder in the General tab. For me it’s C:\Users\soubre)

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Here is another way to reach the settings to point My Documents, Music , etc. wherever you want.

How to change your default save locations on Windows 10

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@Soubresaut There’s no Location tab. I remember trying to find that earlier because when I go to the Documents folder that’s under C:\Users\myname\Documents there’s a Location tab in the properties, but not in the Documents folder under This PC.

In the Documents folder under my username, I can pick a location tab. I assume that if I choose the location to be the Documents folder under This PC then it will just move everything there and save things there but then I don’t want OneDrive to always be updating whatever I put there. I can specify for it to not do that but then everything has this red X and also earlier today I did that when I tried deactivating OneDrive and I actually LOST what was in there – so I really just don’t trust having every single one of my documents in the OneDrive Documents folder. Thankfully I have the files in my desktop computer also – else I’d be screaming bloody murder right about now. Also when I save things in that folder, it’s somehow separate from the folder under C:\Users\myname. It just doesn’t make any damn fucking sense.


It’s just so fucking weird. I’m trying to remember if it was like this in the very beginning I just know I got confused when I accidentally kept saving stuff into OneDrive and was like “No wait—I don’t wanna do that.” Now suddenly it seems like OneDrive Documents and Pictures are forever stapled under This PC.

@Call_Me_Jay I checked that just now. Thanks, but everything is already pointing to This PC.

It just doesn’t make any damn sense.

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I’m just going to settle with having everything under Quick Access. Fucking forget it I hate Windows 10. First I have irritating issues with my wireless driver and now this in File Explorer fucked up and it wasn’t like it was a big deal but it’s something that should be so simple that somehow ended up with me accidentally losing files. It’s like all I wanted to freaking do was hang a picture on a wall and then the wall breaks.

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WHOA my apologies I was Googling that on my phone and not trying it myself on a PC IGNORE MY PREVIOUS ANSWER!

@Soubresaut had the right answer.

Right-click on My Documents, change location to something like

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@ScottyMcGeester take it to the “fix-em up shop”, it will better for your blood pressure.

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Ah, but I right clicked a folder in my OneDrive and—like Scotty said—it doesn’t have a locations tab. Darn.

So, here’s another idea—make a local-to-PC Documents folder and simply move the files into it.

Go C: > Users folder > [your name] folder.
Make a new folder. Call it “Documents 2.”
Copy everything out of the OneDrive Documents folder (we’ll call Docs 1 for clarity below), and into the “Documents 2.”

There should be a OneDrive folder in the [your name] folder. Make sure it has a “Documents” with the files you want. If it does, simply delete the Docs 1 folder. If it doesn’t, drag the Docs 1 folder into the OneDrive folder.

Rename Docs 2 to simply “Documents”

Final step—go into the preferences menus of the new Documents folder. Under the “Customize” tab, under “Optimize this folder for:” choose “Documents”

…. And then do the same thing for the photos folder, optimizing for photos.

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but I right clicked a folder in my OneDrive and

Right click on My documents like this:


Then choose a new location.

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@Call_Me_Jay—yeah, I have. Didn’t word it very well above, but when I right-click the This PC Documents folder, I get the “location” tab. When I right-click the OneDrive Documents folder, that’s the one tab that’s missing…. His This PC folders are actually OneDrive folders, and the OneDrive folders don’t appear to have an option to change location.

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