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What are some of the tips or tricks to become popular in a youtube channel?

Asked by cecilia09 (205points) May 13th, 2016

So I would love to know what really makes a beauty video creator in youtube popular, how many times a week should the person upload a video, what keywords are the best for beauty videos?.

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You should upload as often as possible. If you can manage to do a regular 5 day weekly schedule, than do that. If not? Than 3 days a week will suffice.

Decide upon the type of content you want to do and be consistent. Upload videos on the same day and tone every week.

Engage with your audience through the comments section, collaborate with other craters if possible.

Use Twitter and other social network mediums to promote your content.

If you have similar content to another YouTuber you are subscribed to and you follow them on Twitter too; you can send them a video response on Twitter. Just make sure you are responding to a status update in which the other YouTuber is promoting their latest video.

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Show some skin.

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YouTube is played often in my home. I have a seven year old who is obsessed with gaming videos. One of his favorites held some crazy viewership record, even over Pewdiepie for a while. I think he’s currently sitting at #11 in the overall, under Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s vevo accounts.

His videos are:

Family friendly. They never get bounced by the restricted filter.

Uploaded daily.

Well lit and well edited. There’s no camera-shake or long periods of nothing happening.

Engaging. There are no awkward silences. His voice is clear and he is well spoken. He does not use adult language (OK, I heard “damn” slip out once or twice.)

Fitting a niche market with high viewership anyway. Parents feel good about letting their kids watch a 15–20 minute video ostensibly teaching the kids how to play Minecraft, and adults like to see the featured mods to become better programmers. Parents like me like when Dan recommends a mod on his Diamond Minecart account (as opposed to MoreTDM which features pg-13 and above content) because I know it will be kid-friendly.

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Hi NerdyKeith, there is no doubt that Youtube is giant in terms of user’s/viewer’s. Here i would like to suggest you some already implemented techniques by me out of them one is -
1) you should focus on your keywords on what you are going to promote your video and you should include in video title & descriptions.
2) Share youtube link of your video on social media: G+, FB, Twtr, LnkdIN
3) Use some free view increaser tools to increase your video view’s upto 25% of your actual views.
4) One thing you should keep in minnd i.e your video should be attractive and trending.
5) Use Keywords in tag As well

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I have a friend who runs a youtube make up channel. She’s been doing pretty well. My number one suggestion is once you post a video, repost it to facebook, and then individually contact as many of your friends as you can trust and ask them to watch the video. A lot of the “popularity” of a youtuber is based on the number of views. My friend, when she started would send me a link every time she posted saying literally “I know you don’t do make up, but if you could just watch my new video, put it on mute whatever in the background. That would be a huge help.”

Other things she did is she uses multiple platforms for each post. Posts pics to instagram, and link the video, post to facebook, she runs a twitch account streaming video games, etc. She also works at a Sephora, so she would use her platforms to let people know when there were deals at the store.

The first step is to get the views, post often, keep it short (most people will click off if the first 10–30 seconds aren’t engaging enough). My friend usually starts her videos with the final product pictured, then goes back to the beginning.

Good luck!

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It’s good to share your video in the communities that are made just for that.
Some of the good places to share your vid would be google + communities and this website

also forums and discussion boards related to your channel

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