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How to record a video for youtube(info inside)

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6627points) April 24th, 2010

I have an account to Youtube, and I have been wanting to do a beauty video for youtube so bad. I just got the, camera and I am just learning how to use it. I haven’t bought a memory card yet, so I only have 50 seconds of space to record a video:(
Also how do I use wmm to like edit it and stuff? or I don’t need to?

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You wouldn’t believe how much n00b is written all over this, but I can’t help that.

Usually, if you don’t want your movie to be sh!tty, you’ll want a camera like this (or this if you can fantasize) and editing software like this, though that is only available on something like this. Cheap cameras designed for simple still photography are not good for video capture or sound recording. As for editing, WMM is simple enough to figure out by clicking and guessing, but too simple to look that good.

Making any kind of video look good can take a substantial amount of time, so don’t become upset if you can’t finish in one night and then give up.

Memory cards that hold capacities of what used to be considered huge, such as 2GB, now go for under $15, but sizes such as 16GB are usually >$40.

Take as much video as that card can hold. You can choose exactly what you want later while editing.

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@Fred931 , thank you, but damn those cameras seem very expensivexD. Anyway what do you think of my camera, it’s okay to use it right?
We also have camera and I was thinking of using it too…is that fine? and how do I use itxD

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@Thesexier Cheap, still-photo-oriented digital cameras like yours are not going to capture good video at all. Video will be quite pixelated, blurry, and chunky. Thank god you unearthed a real video camera; use that instead. Also, there’s probably a memory card in that camera, so check and see if a trip to the store is even necessary.

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Your still camera’s not going to be great. The camcorder is a better bet, because it’s designed for taking video. However, it’s a MiniDV cam, which may be confusing for you. You need tiny cassette tapes called MiniDV to record onto. If you have the camcorder’s user guide… read it. Google your camera, read all info on it. Google “Windows Movie Maker Tutorial” and you’ll learn how to use it (for example, even Microsoft wants to help you out). Google is your friend.

@Fred931 I agree on all counts except for recording the whole card. Record so that you have good takes of everything you need. Sifting through too much footage would be overwhelming.


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@Fred931 , hahaha so maybe I will use the other one.

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@shadling21 , I will definitley use the camcorder. But do you have some advise on lightning and stuff? I have dark skin, doesn’t that affect the recording?

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There are plenty of websites that will use pictures and videos to explain how to light for video. Here’s one and another. Take their advice and use it however you can – you may not have a lighting kit, but I’m sure you can find a couple of lamps to use for your video.

Lighting will be important if this is a beauty tutorial. Never face your camera directly toward any light sources (no standing-in-front-of-window shots) because it will blow out your background and you’ll be a silhouette. Instead, just try to find a way to light your face so that you stand out from the background. If you balance lighting on either side of the front of your face, you’ll be evenly lit (but watch out for shadows).

Again, Google is your friend.

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@shadling21 , hahaa I use google for almost everything;D and thank you again.

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