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How would it be harmful to a young girl if she saw the back of a dressed man as he pees?

Asked by dammitjanetfromvegas (4593points) May 14th, 2016

Many people here do not want their young daughters to be in a bathroom as a man is urinating.

I would like to know what the harm would be.

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It’s mostly western paranoia and puritanical belief. Most girls know how men pee by the time they are a few years old if they are living with fathers and brothers. Strangers peeing is really no different but…it creates fear and paranoia. My daughter showered with her father until she was 4 or 5, no biggy IMO.

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I mean come on, how could there be any.

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A child shouldn’t enter a restroom unescorted anyway.

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It will be one less thing to giggle about in 5th grade sex ed.

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I agree, but I don’t think that it was inferred that the child would be unescorted @Stoke.

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I am not sure there are urinals in girls bathrooms and they all have stalls for privacy…but being a guy I could be wrong. Going on rumors I have heard.

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The danger is that child predators may take advantage of anyone they find in a bathroom. Unfortunately, this can happen in male only bathrooms as well.

Plus, many children are very self counsious about their bodies.

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I see this is in General but I can’t help myself; upon seeing my uncle peeing in a semi-public place, behind a car at a beach, he said, “If you“ve seen it then it’s no big deal and if you haven’t it’s about time.”

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When my daughter was younger, and her and I were out and about, I often had to take her into the men’s room with me (too young to leave alone outside or send into the ladies room alone) .

I’ll pretty much guarantee that not only did she see many men standing at urinals conducting business, sound effects and all, but she probably caught a glimpse or three of some flesh during the occasional simultaneous turn-n-zip that some guys do.

She’s fine. No mental scarring has occurred.

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Actually no harm should be incurred to the young girl. Just that it is gross, according to conventional cultured norm of the society.

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