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What does personal mean to you, and how do you define for yourself what you keep private and what you make public?

Asked by dalynnf (9points) July 29th, 2008

In a world of constant online interaction and dialogue, how do we decide when something is personal, when something is private, and when something is open to everyone or a select few.

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By checking or un-checking a tickmark on Facebook.

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Anything I’m prepared to discuss and have questioned by others, I’m OK to share. Anything I’m not prepared to discuss, I keep to myself.
Of course, somewhere between that is the stuff I’m comfortable discussing with people I know/trust and this I’m ready to share with those people, but not ‘the public’

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Everything I do by myself is considered private and is not subject to discussion, If I involve somebody else, then is no loger private because is out of my own control…

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anything that is personally private that the public should not know.

In either case, don’t post your stuff on the internet, click user profile private, etc.

Don’t complain when you put something up in a public location. What are you expecting? No one to notice and turn there back?

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Everything I do not choose to make public.

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