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What is the cheapest, best video editing program out there for windows vista? I want a program with alotta cool effects and transitions?

Asked by CelticsFan (140points) July 29th, 2008 from iPhone

cheap video editing program, Windows based, for music videos, interviews, etc.

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Get a Mac.

Sorry… I’m a jerk….

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@TrumigoodboyThat doesn’t help anyone much now does it?

If it’s Windows, then it automatically comes with Windows Movie Maker, the equivalent of iMovie; though both are pretty useless for anything other than simple work.

I would say drop the extra cash and get a student/limited copy of Adobe After Effects CS3. Shouldn’t be more than 149 which isn’t too bad. Hope that helps.

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I know, sorry.

But FYI, Final Cut (Pro or Express depending on budget) is what my piggy bank is saving up for.

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Final cut is worth the money if you’re editing real footage, After Effects if you want to animate, add effects/transitions, etc. The two work well together if you know what you’re doing. Luckily the girlfriend owns a mac set up and already has the programs so I get the best of both worlds.

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Adobe Premiere Pro on PC is the closest you’ll get to Final Cut. I actually liked it quite a bit when I was still on PC. The only problem with your request is including both the words “best” and “cheapest” as these two are mutually exclusive terms when it comes to video editing. I would simply try every free trial you can get your hands on until you come across something you like and is appropriate for your skill level. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re probably not a professional video editor or anything, so I have a feeling that Windows Movie Maker will probably be the best thing for you to use. After Effects and other professional level programs might be too complicated. Good luck

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Goodboy, you’re a dick, plain and simple. The rest of you, let me spell it out, ONCE AGAIN:

Windows based video editor
No I don’t want win movie maker because it won’t let me edit the audio that’s part of the video I wanna edit.
No I’m not a professional movie editor guy but I’m not a dumbass either, so respect my intelligence and refer me to a product that’s affordable, user friendly and possesses many functions. Whew!

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I do believe we were respecting your intelligence and I thought 149 was affordable. And since you’re not a dumbass, you already know the best way to edit audio for a movie is outside of the video editing program. Just download audacity which is free, edit the audio, and slap it back in. You can slap audio back into a movie using quicktime too. However, here are more if you need video editing programs:

Jahshaka – Free
Zs4 – Free
Pinnacle Studio – $50

It wouldn’t hurt if you listed your price range in the beginning.=\

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