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What's a good way to clean a cat's face?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) July 20th, 2007

Specifically, a Himalayan or Persian, because they get frequent runny noses and eye-boogers

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So does my boyfriend's cat, what a pain! Get some general kitchen roll and fold it up so it has a small V shaped point and then dip it into some warm water. This might be a two person job, someone to hold the cat and someone to dab! Don't forget to give him or her a nice treat afterwards :)

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get yourself the roughest washrag you have and run it under very warm water; wring out real well - no running water!
rub firmly from front to back ONLY heading for the ears; they not only get used to it quickly but seem to love this simulated cat tongue - especially the Himalayans! :-)

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I would add to glosski's that I would hold the cat at the back of the neck by the skin, and do it at the corner of the couch, so the cat can't back out - and fold the washcloth to a point, like fkt wrote, placing your finger above the point when you rub over the closed eyes toward the ears. Some cats will freak if you start at the nose, but if you are quiet and calm, the cat really will enjoy it in the future. If too many people get involved, the cat will get anxious, and since you said you need to wipe kitty's face often, I would be calm and collected, so the message to the cat will be that this is comforting. Next time he/she sees you with the wash cloth, kitty will be less likey to make a dash for it!

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I currently own three persians and have grown up with them my whole life. The way we have always cleaned their faces and eye gunk is just by wetting some paper towel or tissue with warm water. The warm water loosens the gunk out of the hair (gross, I know). If you don't use the warm water, you risk pulling out the hardened gunk and the hair and leaving a bald spot and potentially hurting the kitty. And this is something I know from an unfortunate experience.

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Baby wipes

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