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Printer ML3471ND won't print on both sides of paper.

Asked by boboorange18 (1points) May 29th, 2016

Hello, I have a ML3471ND Samsung printer, but I cant print on both sides of paper. I already set the printer on duplex mode, but nothing. I reinstalled the firmware and nothing too.

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Open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and select the Samsung in the Printers list. Then click on Options & Supplies and then the Options tab. If you see an entry about the Duplex/2-sided Unit, enable this setting and OK the change. Then check if you now have the option to print duplex.

Also check (or recheck) the manual if you haven’t done so already.

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What system preferences ? I have windows, and the manual have nothing to do.. I respected everything, If I print a demo page, it works on both sides, but if I get the print proprieties on duplex, it says me this.. THERE ARE ONE OR MORE CONFLICTS SETTINGS – TWO-SIDED PRINTING : PRINT ON LONG EDGE < > DUPLEX UNIT : NOT INSTALLED…

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Do you actually have that hardware option installed? Did this printer ever print on both sides?

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Always a good idea when asking a computer question to include the type you’re using (lots of Mac users on this site, you know) and as much information about the problem as possible. Sorry I was of no help.

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