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Will Trump's history of business scams and screwups be revealed and overexposed before the Democratic party gets a chance to work him over?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24026points) June 1st, 2016 from iPhone

The dirt is being dug up by the press faster than we can digest it. Will Trump’s supporters buy his defense as “victim” of the press?

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@stanleybmanly – I think you are asking the wrong question.

TO me, the question is “Does anyone care?”. It’s been known for years what a sleaze Trump is. At this point, does anyone care about it – and is it too late to do anything about it? Suppose Trump was exposed as a criminal. Who do the republicans have?

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People don’t seem to care. Maybe we like the looks of the entire Trump family. Not sure.

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He did say that he could walk onto 5th Ave and shoot someone and his supporters wouldn’t care. He also says he loves the uneducated and gets a round of applause.

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Maybe you guys are right. Perhaps the man is worshiped BECAUSE he’s an obnoxious fkup and insufferable blowhard. What an exciting world we live in!

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Don’t discount his supposed success and media worship back in the day. My mom wanted to flip houses back in the day to be the next Trump. If there had been a Trump University in 1985 my mom would have done it.

Luckily she now hates the man and knows he is a con-artist.

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While most business people view Trump’s many bankruptcies with contempt, there seem to be many that view his business disasters with admiration that he got it over on the banks.

People struggling with crippling debt figure if Trump can come out of it all as well as he has, they can too.

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Yes he’s also really good at saddling taxpayers when it comes to paying for his mistakes. I suppose in that respect, he is indeed the model politician.

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All I know for sure is, if he’s elected, yesterday’s “press conference” in which he raged, insulted, deflected, and bloviated was a perfect preview of how he would conduct himself as leader of the free world.

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He hasn’t called the shooting at UCLA terrorism yet. MSNBC reporting that is a sign of Trump acting Presidential.

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Trump keeps saying that he is qualified to be president because of his business skills. A lot of people will have second thoughts about these supposed skills when it is revealed how fraudulent Trump University is and how Trump managed to get out of having to pay taxes.

Karl Rove has always talked about the value of going after a candidate’s strength. One successful use of this tactic is the Swift boat ads used against John Kerry. The ads were complete lies, but they worked successfully against Kerry’s statements about his military career. In Trump’s case there is no need to make stuff up.

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Trump supporters don’t care, they’ve already drunk the Kool-aid. It’s the “undecideds” that have to be convinced. The Democrats can best exploit that after the convention with television ads, which need to run until election day, but which need to be changed every few weeks so that people’s eyes don’t glaze-over so that they ignore the message.

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I think we’re in for some truly damning revelations on Trump’s business acumen and the trail of wreckage piled on the backs of those in his wake. The question is indeed whether or not facts matter at all to those infected with Trump fever. I mean, if the display thus far of the Donald’s Presidential potential leaves you feeling undecided, what can be dredged from his past that is as revealing as his own current rhetoric?

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