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Is 'oodles' always plural?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28831points) June 1st, 2016

Can you think of a sentence where there is a single ‘oodle’?

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Urban Dictionary has a few slang definitions for oodle as singular.
It’s also the name of a website which is a sort of knockoff of Craigslist.

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I suppose there could be one oodle.
But a single oodle, like a single noodle, would have to be really big to be worthwhile.

Think lasagne oodle.

“Short of noodle, we made an oodle of lasagne

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Early one Saturday morning, mom and I called the puppy mill 52½ miles away.
“Do you have any poodles?” we asked?
“Oh! We have oodles of poodles!” was the chirpy reply.

The Gremlin broke down on the way there, and it was late afternoon before we arrived.
Mom hit the ground before the car stopped rolling. She ran to the office.
“Do you still have oodles of poodles??” she eagerly inquired.
The clerk looked her steady in the eye.
“Madam”, she said. You mad it just in time. We have one oodle of poodle puppies left!

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According to Merriam-Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed., no.
Oodles is both singular and plural.

dxs's avatar says so, too. “Oodle” doesn’t even return a result.

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Once I was known for my doodles.
My mistress approached me and asked, “Do you do a lot of doodles?”
Oodles of doodles!” I replied.
“Well”, she asked, “Can you show me an oodle of one of your doodles?”
Of course”, I replied.

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