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Are there more good or bad people in this world?

Asked by Misspegasister28 (2098points) June 11th, 2016

What do you think?

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And how can you define “good” and “bad”? Many times things can change depending on different pespectives. What is bad to some may be good to others and vice versa. More good or bad, you decide.

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@ Mimishu1995 Makes a good point. Base good/bad, like lying, killing, stealing etc. all have gray areas based on circumstance.

Probably about 50/50. I like to think most people are more good than bad, but, it’s my nature to be trusting and project my good intentions onto others that don;t always deserve my psychic generosity. haha

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@Mimishu1995 I agree, and I think humans are too complex to specifically label as “good” or “bad”

@Coloma Haha, well, it’s always good to be positive, right? I hope they don’t end up hurting you though

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There are no good people in the world.

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There are more good people in this world than there are bad.

And yes, my glass is decidedly and definitely ½ full

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Since Shakespeare’s statement on the topic seems apt (”...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” -Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2), and since there are so few thinking people on the planet, there are only bad or good people as one thinks. Provided one thinks.

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I wish there are more good people in this world than bad people but reality is something different. Unity amongst good people is more important than individual no. Standing up against what is wrong as a unit is important which ain’t happening these days.

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@ragingloli Really? Speak for yourself why don’t you?
Last night at 11 p.m. I heard my neighbors horses were out and rounded them up before they strayed off. I had JUST crawled into bed and was exhausted and I could have just ignored things and let them wander, who knows how far, possibly getting a couple miles down the hill onto a busy road. I drug my ass out of bed, walked over to the neighbors and we all rounded them up.

I’d say that was my good deed for the day for sure.

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Truly bad people are rare, like 4%

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People are not one or the other. We all have some bad and some good. Like anything else, the balance between the two varies. However, in my experience, most people are more good than bad. And I agree with ARE_you_kidding_me, only a small percentage of people are truly bad.

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Let me consult the little angel on my left shoulder, and weigh her opinion against the little devil on my right shoulder.

Oh wow? They seem to agree the number is exactly the same.

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There’s no way we can escape being a bad person in this world. One way or another we overpopulate this world, over-exploit natural and human resouces, pollute the nature, being selfish, etc, etc. Our reasoning could not turn our bad deeds in to good deeds, despite the idea of bad and good are also invented by human. I believe there are actually more bad people in this world and many would sugarcoat themselves with good deeds.

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@Unofficial_Member If one follows the practice of do no harm, to the best of their ability, that renders them a good person. I can’t help it if I squash a butterfly on my windshield while driving but I can also stop and help a turtle get across the road. Yep, humans screw up but, we can make up for our shortcomings if we so choose.

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In my world, good and bad are determined by your intentions.

The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but it wasn’t built by bad people.
People with good intentions are more easily led astray than people with bad intentions.

Good people hope for the best and plan for the worst.
Bad people hope for the worst, and plan for the worst.
If there was equality between the two, there would be anarchy.

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That’s somewhat muddled thinking, @ibstubro. Good intentions do not absolve bad outcomes. Some of the worst outcomes in history have come from the acts of people who only meant to do good “by their lights”. The Holy Inquisition, to name one of many long-lived institutions that perpetrated pure evil, was founded and supported over centuries by people who had every good intention that could be named. And they only tortured and burned alive “bad people”, after all…

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