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Why are truck drivers allowed to spray paint over their "How am I driving? Call 1-800..." stickers?

Asked by chaosrob (2219points) July 30th, 2008

If I ran a trucking company and one of my trailers came back into the lot with the safety number defaced, that driver would be done driving for me. I’m surprised anyone puts up with it. Why is it tolerated?

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I haven’t seen this. Is it possible the trucking company simply discontinued the 800 call-in service (which is something they have to pay for)?

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No, I drive the highways around Chicago a lot, and I see it all the time. The call-in phone number or the safety ID number are defaced in such a way as to prevent you from using it to make a call about that truck. Example image here.

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You can always get the ID number of the truck and the name of the carrier (driver’s door)... give ‘em a call and raise hell!

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Or the truck license plate number. It would be interesting to know how widespread this is. I had never noticed it before.

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@PupnTaco I do, if they’re driving badly enough. This is sort of a raw nerve of mine. My wife was run off the road many years ago by a trucker who had done this (she was fine – thanks, Saturn!), and they were never able to identify who it was. Still annoys me to see them evading accountability for their driving.

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I call those numbers every time a trucker does something that endangers someone’s life or safety.

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It’s kind of too bad that we don’t have them for passenger cars.

Truckers are professionals and for the most part are excellent and safe drivers whose lives are endangered constantly by idiots in passenger cars with no concept of safe braking distances for something that weighs as much as an 18-wheeler.

@chaosrob I do not mean to take anything away from the horrible experience you describe. As a child, we saw a trucker run a family car full of people off the road. It was horrible.

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@Marina No, totally agree. Most people don’t know how to drive around heavy equipment, trucks, motorcycles, you name it.

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