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Why doesn't the normal (non-mobile) site question submission page work any more?

Asked by Zaku (25006points) June 21st, 2016

As many others have noted, using the normal (non-mobile) page for asking questions, does not work. When I tried today on Firefox/Win7, I could only enter the question title, and the next button did nothing.

As others have pointed out elsewhere, if one uses a computer to browse to, one can get around this, as I am doing to post this question.

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I think you mean

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@jeruba Yes. Yes I do. Leading to the next question – can I edit my question description, to which the answer appears to be “no”.

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Server problems. We’re aware and working on it.

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You can post your question using mobile, then do all the editing and revisions necessary using desktop.
I opened both applications in different tabs, asked the Q on mobile then revised using the standard version.

Not idea, but doable, and not that big of a deal as long as someone isn’t writing a response while you’re editing.
If that’s the case, you’re going to spend 2–5 times as long as usual writing a question only to get an answer that only partially covers it.

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I thought it would be better if we had one “go to” question in meta and drop the several other versions, if possible.
Then everyone will know as much as anyone without having to post/read several question.

If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error during the next several days, can you relax?

If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error during the next several days, can you relax?

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Also please do check out the Facebook page and bookmark it so that if the site is down then at least you can look there and read what’s going on. No login or participation required. Here is the full address:

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