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Best inexpensive way to get from NYC to Cleveland?

Asked by lrk (757points) July 30th, 2008

I’d love to find a cheap way to get from the New York area to the Cleveland/Elyria area. Amtrak is 81 dollars, 12 hours, and gets in at 3:30AM. An overnight, 8-and-a-half hour Greyhound ride is 91 dollars; I’m not sure how comfortable or safe it is to ride Greyhound overnight.

Any ideas for other ways I can get to Cleveland? For example: cheap/chinatown bus lines, websites that coordinate ride-sharing, becoming a courier, secret ways to get good airfare…

Thanks! :D

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for what day?

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@PnL No specific day in mind—I live on one end and go to school on the other, so it’s a commute I’m going to make multiple times (but not until next winter at the earliest).

I put in September 1st to get the prices I quoted here, though.

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I’ve ridden a Greyhound several times, Baltimore to Dallas, Jacksonville to Dallas, and my longest trip (40+ hours) from Jacksonville to Denver. It’s long, cramped, dirty and annoying. But you meet some very interesting characters. I’ve never really felt unsafe on a greyhound or in the stations even in the middle of the night. But I’m a rather large male. It’s the most interesting way to go.

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I don’t think you are going to get any cheaper than Amtrak. I looked at studentuniverse and the flight fares are ~111$.

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My daughter is going to school in NYC and we live in the Cleveland area. I have been looking for transportation to and from and I agree with PnL that Amtrak is the best deal. It is a long trip, though.

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Go to Craigslist New York and go to ride share and type in cleveland and here is one thing I found
Male student driving from NYC to Ann Arbor, thursday July 8th. Can drop along the way (Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Allentown).

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