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Why do I sometimes lose the ability to read a book?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) July 1st, 2016

It comes and goes. Sometimes I can read a book in two days, and other times I can barely read a menu at a restaurant. What gives? I find that when I eat meat, like a steak or KFC,I can read a little better.

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Concentration issues?

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@ZEPHYRA Yes!!. Thanks I will ask my psychiatrist on the sixth of July.

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This is definitely something to talk to your psychiatrist about.

In the past, I’ve had times when concentration was difficult, and it affected my ability to read. A friend told me to eat a bit of chocolate just before reading, and it would help. He was right. I think, for me, it had something to do with blood sugar levels.

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For me it has to do with lots of things on my mind that creep in when I want to read/study or the habit of dozing off.

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Concentration can definitely be affected by blood sugar. I know, for example, that for a lot of chess players (particularly at the upper levels, the guys who make their living at it) the games will often run 5, 6, sometimes 7 hours. So a lot of these guys will have little snacks (bits of chocolate, granola bars, fruits, etc) or juices periodically throughout the run of the game to maintain their blood sugar. Not too much though, as a sugar spike then crash isn’t good ether.

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With the little that we know, I think @Darth_Algar made a good guess with blood sugar.

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Is it just reading or concentration in general? Can you play video games during these times? If you are having trouble with any type of concentration then the blood sugar idea makes sense. Have you tried eating a fruit instead of meat?

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I notice that if I’m any bit stressed about something, even if I don’t realize that I’m that stressed, I lose any ability to read a book. It takes me an hour to read 20 pages, when normally I can read almost 100 in that length.

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How do you study for and take tests, then, @DominicY?

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I don’t believe you have some serious problems and, frankly speaking, it is an absolutely normal situation for most people (except, maybe, bookworms). All we need a rest sometimes. For example, I like reading but I can’t do it days and nights. One day I read a thick book with a complicated psychological subtext and the next time I don’t even force myself to read text on the pictures on the Internet. It depends on my current mood and it is natural to get a little distracted for a while.

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@azaleaaster Yes. That’s it thanks. My Dr. Wants me to take it easy on the books.

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