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How do I learn to use my computer?

Asked by tinyfaery (43536points) July 30th, 2008

Lately I have come to the realization that I don’t know much about my computer. Is there a good, easy to understand book or something that can help me learn about the things my Mac can do? I’m not looking for tech speak, just a decent guide to learning the tools and tricks.

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Video Professor includes free trial of any item you want to try first.

Whoops… no Mac titles listed… apparently they’re Windows only. Hmmmm.

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Apple has a great series of video tutorial online at

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David Pogue’s The Missing Manual is pretty good. I’d suggest some online reading, too., and are all useful learning tools.

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There’s several MAC enthusiast message boards out there… comes to mind. I believe that Apple themselves have several quite active forums on their site dedicated to everything: iMacs, iPods, AppleTV… etc.

Try out one of those spots… and as I always say, if all else fails: Google it.

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Second the David Pogue book. It is easier to have the book next to your computer; online seminars or message boards require too much fiddling and time.

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just doing it always helps me… may sound like a stupid answer, but when i want to do something, i just think of the options i have, and go from there, and i’ll google if i have to

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If you want to pay for the Apple One-to-One training, it will be hands on teaching for exactly what interests you.

It covers no more than one session per week… my colleague scheduled weekly sessions to get the most for her $$!

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Explore! Just check everything out. Go to all the menus and everything. It’s a Mac, so it doesn’t matter if you do anything wrong. Just back up your files and go at it.

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those “tip a day” things are great!

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have any of you ever broken their mac ? i’ve tinkered so much with it and it still runs, things you’d never do with it…so yeah…just try it out

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Oh yah. I’ve broken my Mac. Sometimes, having it Just Work™ can actually get you into trouble.

Hell, I even broke an entire VM/CMS domain with a single PF key setting (‘0D’x apparently, is a bitch). IBM called asking me politely what it was I thought I was doing, if I’d mind knocking it off, and signing off saying they’d release a patch immediately.

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haha, but you’re not exactly entry level material ;)

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