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Does anyone here know of any pages like the one I link to below of breeding rules or guidelines, but for CATS?

Asked by iWannaBeaVet (24points) July 3rd, 2016

I have looked at other sites for RESPONSIBLE cat breeding pages but none of them are SIMPLE & CLEAR like the guide dog page. None talked of an age limit & being too young or too old & the most number of litters she should have. They talked of inbreeding & genetics & inspections & cleaning & air vents.

So I saw a commercial talking about PUPPY RAISERS who raise puppies until they’re old enough to start guide dog training. I’m interested in doing it because my mom says we can’t have a dog but maybe she would agree to raising a TEMPORARY doggy and that would prove to her that we can. So I googled it and found the link above & now I wanna know if I can read a page like it about kitties.

I know I told you a looong story but I want you to understand and to know that I was not wanting to breed a cat because they are already to many in shelters dying. I do have a kitty of my own but it is a boy and he was neutered before we got him from the pound, so please don’t preach to me about cat breeding. I’m not planning on doing that!!!

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How about this site ? It looks like it will answer your questions and is simple and clear. Just click on the underlined red link and the page will come up.

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