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Shock and Consternation! Clinton gets a pass from the FBI. Is there no justice?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22370points) July 5th, 2016 from iPhone

will her crime spree ever end? Justice should be blind, but why shouldn’t she listen to FOX?

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I’d say that there is justice, and we just saw it properly administered. The FBI – the premier investigative agency in the US – did their work and essentially cleared Hillary Clinton. Justice was done; the FBI made its determination.

Surely, @stanleybmanly you are not promoting the idea of a person being brought up on spurious, trumped-up, false charges? That’s what they do in Russia.

Or is Hillary-hatred so strong that anything that doesn’t fit your narrative of the world… is immediately suspect?

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I say for the love of God… Time to move on! Clinton has warts but Trump is a cancerous tumor.

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Et tu bandito? Have you too fallen prey to the relentless onslaught from the biased liberal media now rampant in Comrade Obama’s gulag? How can we restore this nation to a land of freedom if Hillary is allowed to walk freely among us smearing the blood of Benghazi on our constitution and openly mocking our God fearing conservative values?

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And you rogue elephant, you’re a disgrace to the party that holds the copyright on your very bod. For someone reputed to “never forget”, your betrayal of the sacrifices and untold treasure devoted to some 30 years of vindictive and groundless persecution is beyond shameful.

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No justice for Republicans. Especially those who want to win at all costs.

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Borowitz Report Love the last paragraph

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@stanleybmanly Well, I’m sure you know more than the FBI and have access to information that they don’t. That’s they only way I can think of, of how you can be so certain that she isn’t innocent. Surely it’s not just because a bunch of other people on FAcebook insist that she’s guilty. So why don’t you restate your case here, proving her guilt?

But..maybe this is a joke question?

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Okay, this is over. Time to move on to the next clump of mud the Republicans throw at her.

and it always sticks so well!

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@Dutchess III Clearly our only hope for getting to the bottom of any of Hillary’s sordid crimes lies in the appointment of a diligent and capable individual to the directorship of the FBI. A man like Karl Rove, for instance, or in the event that Trump is swept into the White House, Mike Tyson or Mr. T; people dependable for tough and speedy prosecution for all.

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Since you don’t like the results, you believe the investigators were not “diligent or capable.” Really?
Is this a joke question?

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Guess I can’t fool you.

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Who has any faith in the FBI? Do you, @stanleybmanly? The FBI is, in itself, a criminal organization. Just look at it’s history. How anyone can trust these government institutions is almost comical. Criminals aiding and abetting criminals—it’s the American way.

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@filmfann there you have it perfectly. Diligent investigators are scurrying at this very moment to “uncover” the next scandalous “crime” on the road to the fervently prayed for miracle indictment.

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Both Clintons are a crock and guilty as sin.
What makes it worse is they know it and
it will continue because to them they
have done nothing wrong.
Everyone knew she wouldn’t get indicted.

Just like Bill saying “I never had sex with that girl!”
Total B.S.

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I will not deny any of the accusations against Clinton that have been stated above but it always comes back to the same things: First, there is no desire for justice. You are not interested in actually solving the problems with our government, only stopping those whose views differ from yourself or who may thwart your desires for a particular system of governance. Second, where was the outrage from you during the Bush years or for that matter regarding the actions of our congressional “leaders” during this one. Third, sadly and most importantly, the opposition offers nothing any better. And for this I am truly, truly in despair.

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@MooCows Not everyone knew she wouldn’t be indicted. But anyone with a nickle’s worth of sense knew that she had committed no crime. You would think that people might catch on with FOX screaming WOLF!! every other day, but you know how it is… when it comes to FOX fans it’s about “some of the people, all of the time.”

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@tinyfaery the competence or corrupt nature of the FBI is not what’s at issue here. The thing that is most important about this and all the other nonsense charges bouncing off Clinton is this: Even with a population as obtuse and brain dead as our own, I would expect the 3 stooges to have better sense than to advocate a prosecution based on this sort of bullshit.

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Look folks. You cannot indict a 68 year old woman for failing to grasp the ramifications of computer and internet protocols. Clinton probably knows as much about her computer and internet operations as I do about Chinese trigonometry. The same holds true for Benghazi. It WAS NOT Clinton’s job as Secretary of State to establish and oversee security, change the light bulbs in or deliver pizzas to our embassies. How fkn thick do you have to be to not to appreciate this?

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I don’t know about that, @stanleybmanly. She’s smart. She knows the difference between “secure” and “insecure.”
I really don’t know a lot about the scandal, though.

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@DutchessIII Think about it for a second. Do you think that Hillary went online and selected that server, designed and set up her own internet service, or did ANYTHING involving this that someone did not tell or suggest her to do?

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If she can’t manage people well enough to keep them from doing something as blatant as this it speakes volumes about her ability to manage the godamn country. This could have easily turned out differently and probably should have. And for fuck sake again it was the FBI not the GOP investigating her. Hillary would not be the only one on the chopping block either. A bunch of her staffers would be liable too. Sure the GOP used it for muck raking but this was not a trivial he said she said thing here.

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I was under the impression that her crime was using her own personal email to send “confidential” information.

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Yes, but once again, look at it! She did it OPENLY in front of everyone. I agree that she fkd up badly. BUT the failure here as with Benghazi is several pay grades down from her level of responsibility. Whoever came up with the bright idea was probably just as useless as Clinton herself regarding intetnet savvy, but this is about bungling bureaucracy not treason. She was not the SoS based on her computer expertise nor her counterintelligence capabilities. The whole chain of command FAILED. Even the cyber experts from treasury operating with her security team missed the gaping hole. The thing was just sitting there for ANYONE to see.

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I understand your argument, @stanleybmanly, and I agree. I was only trying to point out that when people get a personal email address, they do so easily, without having to have any knowledge of servers, etc. Just go to and set one up.
But she did know the difference between a secure email server (sent through, for example, the Pentagon’s server) and an unsecured (sent through a public server.) That doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to understand.

I’m still reserving my thoughts. If the feds clear her, that’s good enough for me.

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