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Should Kim Davis face jail time for breaking the law again?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) July 6th, 2016

By failing to produce records related to a request from The Campaign for Accountability, a Washington nonprofit that says it works “to expose misconduct and malfeasance in public life,” Davis has violated the Open Records Act.


Towelroad, LGBTQ Nation, Pink News, Courier Journal

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The less said about this self-righteous hypocrite the better… at least by me.

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@Pachy Yes I do for the most part agree that persons like her don’t deserve the limelight. Although I’d love it for her to receive legal punishment for breaking the law. Its not justified that she gets a free pass.

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Maybe. Do you expect that she should be thrown in jail right now, assuming there is merit to the charge that the Kentucky Attorney General has made? Let’s say that it’s a valid charge on its face, and that Ms. Davis has done something that’s not right according to Kentucky law. Does that mean that the AG gets to judge her fate and assign her a cell himself?

Again, assuming the charge has merit, the AG files suit against her, the case is heard in court (or settled out of court) and penalties, if any, are assessed pending the outcome of the hearing or trial.

So, no, as much as I dislike this woman on a visceral level, that’s not how the law works, or should work.

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Justice is not constant in our universe. It is rarely served to the deserved….

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Well obviously she should have a legal hearing. I’d prefer a quick trial for her, so this doesn’t drag out any longer than it already has. But she should be punished either way.

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No she has had her 15 minutes of fame.

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The last thing that woman should be given is more attention.

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Given that this is a second example of her incompetence, I’d rather see her lose her job.

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I have the impression this time that it isnt Davis but her legal firm which is reluctant to surrender privileged communications with their client, and from what I’ve read, they have a powerful case.

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