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Do I need permission from a Twitter user to embed any of their Tweets on my blog?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5439points) July 9th, 2016

Twitter in general is not a great place for online debating. It’s perfect for sharing the goings on of your life with your followers. And may be ok to briefly state an opinion and have a brief back and forth dialogue with other Twitter users. However, its not really efficient for having a heated overlong debate. There is just too much going on at once.

So I was thinking of maybe turning a potential heated debate into a blog post on my personal blog. Inviting the user debating with me on Twitter to relocate to my blog in order to continue the debate in a venue better suited to debates.

But in order to allow my blog followers to know what is going on, I would like to embed the users Tweets.

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This article suggests that in most cases a Tweet is not copyrightable.

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It would be a common courtesy to request the tweeter’s permission to have that person’s tweets appear in your non-tweeted blog, which probably means that it’s against a law somewhere.

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At the very least I think it would be ethical that you make sure to attribute the proper citation, give them proper credit for the statement. And be doubly sure that you have quoted them correctly to the letter. I think it would be awfully embarrassing to be accused of intentional plagiarism.

I certainly don’t have the time to track people down and ask permission, but I always cite. I don’t make money off of my writing (gee, I wish!), so there is nothing to cut them in on but free advertising. Unless you are being compensated, I don’t see any problem using other people’s short, public quips without their permission. But give credit where credit is due. They will let you know if they don’t like it. Then you just remove it.

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