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Can we change a future foretold?

Asked by mjtan (19points) July 30th, 2008

I prefer this question to be answered through the lens of the psychic; if you foretell a future, do you still believe that one can change it? Or do you believe that it is already something inevitable? Do you believe that we are fully in control of our lives?

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I do not believe in fortune. I believe in occurrences. When we are told our fortune, we go out and make it happen. Also, notice how vague fortunes are. “You will lose someone close to you within 5 years.” Now think about how many older relatives you have that could easily pass in 5 years. Fortune tellers prey on that. If you want things to go your way, make it happen. Success comes to those who search for it, not those who hide from it.

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I won’t claim to be a psychic, but my magic 8 ball says, “As I see it, yes.”

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The are in full control (barring severe mental illness) of our reaction to circumstance, but I would not say we are in complete control of our lives. I have no control over the economy, which could greatly effect my life.

I don’t want to completely rule out the idea of ESP and such. Tarot card readers will tell you that what they read in the cards is a picture of what is occurring at that exact moment in your life, and if you don’t change the path you are on, what they read in the cards can happen. I’m not saying its true, but that’s what they will tell you.

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I believe that you can, because I do not believe that very many, if any, see the future clearly. Those that do will tell you their predictions are not 100% accurate.

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It is supposed that we cannot change our destiny, but I don’t like to think that I’m not in full control of my life, I did change what was supposed to happen to me, which is very, very difficult to do, is like scaping from death (something you should not do!).
Postponing the ineveitable is not the best thing you can do, I visit my fortune teller [aka astrologist] and read the tarot every quarter, just to be fully aware of what is going on wukth my life because as I changed waht it was supposed to happen to me, now my life some kind of blank notebook (sad)

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In regards to the question… if the actual future was foretold, no you could not change it. It would be a time paradox if you could.

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I have been to a psychic who told me what he sees is the most likely future based on the present circumstances. It’s like there is the most likely time track extending into the future but there are others ready to emerge out of the mist at any time. Circumstances can change. Accidents can happen. And most of all, we can use our own free will to go in a different direction. So no, nothing is written in stone.You can change a future foretold. Never give anyone else the power to dictate your own future, no matter who they are.

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How, in fact, do you know you have the capacity to change circumstances? I don’t see how there could be any way of really knowing. You could think you are taking a different path when really you were going to take that path no matter what…

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Yes you can! I’ll explain. If a real psychic tells you your real future he or she would tell you what would happen if you never knew it. Now that you know it you can change it if it is not what you truly want. You always have a choice.

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What would be the point if time was fixed?

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psychics are charlatans, and no one can fortell the future with any exactness because there are too many variables involved. Did you see that one coming?

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