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Will cycling get rid of my gut?

Asked by tristan421 (7points) July 20th, 2007 from iPhone

There are plenty of answers out there and want to get an answer from someone who rides their bike and believes it's what keeps them skim and gutfree. I'm thinking of beginning

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I started biking about 5 months ago and I try to at least ride 3 times a week for 6 miles. Now 6 miles is not that far but it has helped me drop a few pound and fend off them as well.

If you start just make sure to get the right equipment and wear a helmet!

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One thing I've found that works well for dropping weight is building muscle. There are lots of scientific explanations as to how muscle requires more calories (energy) to maintain than fat, but you'll feel it as you do it.

So, related to cycling, you'll want to do some hill work. It'll build your quads and glutes (your biggest muscles) and that'll require more calories to maintain. So, as long as you eat a healthy diet and don't over compensate for the increased burn, you'll drop weight.

Getting rid of your gut might be tough. You need to attack it from more than one angle. So, along with cycling, add some stretching, walking, and increase the quality of your diet (I've heard that's at least 70% of the results.)

See Tim Ferriss' blog about dropping fat:

It's inspiring.

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If your gut is the only fat place on you, it may not be about subcutaneous fat (allover
fatness) but interior fat (a fat blob inside your abdomen called the greater omentum).
This is harder to get rid of.
Or you may just have terrible soft floppy abdominal muscles. Will cycling help those? Crunches (or maybe one of those chiropractic pilates ball office "chairs") would probably help more.
I just read an article in the NYTimes about how tubby people can still be strong cyclers, so I don't think cycling automatically makes you thinner.
Amateur Diagnostics 'r' Us.

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it will help but cruches are better and actually pilates is the best

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i bike every day and my tummy is pretty much the only fatty part on my body. biking will keep you "in shape" but it won't do much for the belly.

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I realize this question is rather old, but thought I’d throw in my $0.02 anyway.

You cannot, cannot, cannot spot-reduce fat. In other words, the only way to get rid of belly-fat is to reduce your overall body-fat percentage. You do this through a combination of diet, cardio and weight training. Sit-ups and crunches may strengthen and tone your abs, but unless you get rid of the fat in front of them, your six pack is going to continue to look like a keg.

That being said, any exercise is better than no exercise.

In other words, will cycling get rid of your gut? Couldn’t hurt.

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Will cycling get ride of your gut? That depends. Ride long hours at a relatively easy pace and you will most likely start to see weight loss. Whether that translates into a smaller gut is another question entirely. Many will admit that cycling makes them even hungrier, so you have to watch how your actual exercise compares with what you are eating before and afterwards. Try to incorporate something more than cycling, such as cyclo-core which I’ve found to be great at both losing weight but gaining muscle too. It’s a great combo between cycling and core workouts

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Sure, I found that riding about 10 to 20 miles a few times a week, plus a diet rich in Pizza helped me do it. Also I found that if I developed a graving for sugar, all I had to do was drink a thick chocolate malt or eat a king size Snickers bar and almost like magic the sugar gravings went away.

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