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Lenovo = Thinkpad?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) July 30th, 2008

I was helping someone with their Lenovo laptop when I saw that the Lenovo has the same “ThinkVantage” software (for recovery, restores, etc.) and even the ThinkVantage button to bring up all the system features.

I know that Lenovo has purchased the ThinkPad brand from IBM but… are the guts of these two “brands” the same? Are consumers paying more for ThinkPads just because of the name and appearance? Would it be smarter to buy a Lenovo instead and get the same computer?

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Levovo purchased IBM’s PC business back in December 2004.

They’re one and the same.

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I sell these notebooks at a Micro Center. The biggest difference between the Lenovo basic series notebooks and any of the IBM thinkpad models are very obvious….durability is much higher on the Thinkpad, it has a spill resistant keyboard, shock sensor on the hard drives, and an encased hard drive to absorb bumps and drops. Lenovo V series notebooks are more or less basic computers that include the think vantage software, and a natural keyboard feel (rather the real smooth keys like on HP notebooks) you get with them….aside from that, the Lenovo V series are pretty much consumer level notebooks, where as the Thinkpad is Business level meant for constant travel.

I also noticed that when comparing processors on that comparison chart…it is wrong when saying that the Ideapad, or Lenovo models don’t have the Core 2 Duo processors, because most of them come with a Core 2, rather the Pentium-dual core.

The guts on most notebooks are close to the same, just a matter of where they are put together…the only significant difference would be the durability features in place on a thinkpad, you can get the same speed and performance (the guts) on any other notebook minus those features.

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Thats a great answer Random! Thank you.

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another feature of the Thinkpads are the ultra rigid lightweight skeleton. ThinkPad is something that you purchase if you are going to be using this on the go all the time.

I currently have 3000 n100 by Lenovo and it is a great machine, I’ve had it for two years now and the only problem is the battery. My model is plagued with crappy batteries. All others are fine they just used a sony made battery all the new ones are SANYO made, good stuff.

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