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My laptop power cord broke...

Asked by jcknight (79points) August 10th, 2007 from iPhone

I have a Acer laptop and the powercord broke where its suppose to plug into the back of the laptop I tried to use the adapter they had for acer's at bestbuy but it didnt fit tight. any ideas for a universal power adapter or a way to contact Acer about a replacement since my warranty is over

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well if you know your laptop model number, you can get the power adapter at ebay

i am not aware of any universal power adapter since the input jack for most laptops vary

wats ur laptops model no.

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There are a lot of universal adapters. Usually you have to buy the correct "tip" for the laptop. Your best bet is to go to radio shack (or wherever you buy parts) and talk to the people there. The way I bought mine- look for the tip first. It will usually fit one kind of adapter. Make sure you get the right power level for that "tip".

The other option is to search ebay for power adapters for your particular laptop.

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Common occurrence. I have had three power adapters break. Each time I walked in an Apple store and the handed me a new one for free. This is why MacBooks now come with MagSafe adapters, with less incidents of breakage.

Surely Acer has a replacement program.

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