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Why can't I capitalize F in Fiorina in the tag box?

Asked by flo (12974points) July 15th, 2016

I just posted an OP and the the tag box “Fiorina” keeps changing to “fiorna”. And there have been times the “w” I can’t remember in which word, and I casn’t remeber if it’s in tag only or details too, keeps getting capitalized, although it’s not a name.

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This is a question for Meta.

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[Mod Says] Moved to Meta.

To answer the question: Fluther counts topics that differ only in terms of capitalization as duplicates, which means that “Fiorina” and “fiorina” would count as the same topic. And any time a jelly adds a duplicate topic, the site defaults to the existing version. So if the first jelly who used “fiorina” as a topic did not capitalize the name, that is the version that the site saved as the default version of the topic. Topics can be edited, however, so I have fixed it. “Fiorina” should now show up as a capitalized topic.

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Now I remember the W in wonder keeps getting capitalized, recently.

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^ You mods are the best! Thanks for being here!

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@SavoirFaire, By the way, the F in Fiorina was only in the tags box where that kept happening not in the detail part of the OP. I never tried “Wonder” in a tag/topic box only in this here box. It still gets capitalized, (once you finish typing the word.) and it it is correctable, by the typer.

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@flo I assumed that you were talking about the tag box. The site has no ability to alter what you write in the details section of a question or in the answer box. Anything that happens in one of those two places is a result of your own typing and/or whatever autocorrect may be installed in your browser.

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