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Is it safe to eat random bugs in my apartment?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17702points) July 16th, 2016

The media says that eating bugs is fine. So what about eating random bugs in my apartment? I don’t have any right now. I keep my apartment clean. So It is a what if.

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I would guess it’s 90% safe to eat them.

I know for sure it’s 100% safe NOT to eat them.

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@ZEPHYRA I’m thinking about the worms under my bed in my old apartment before I moved to my new apartment, but any would do.

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If its protein you’re after there must surely be safer and better alternatives.

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@ZEPHYRA The worms aren’t on the list. Thanks. I will stick to kfc.

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You need a hobby!

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@stanleybmanly I used to collect books from Amazon until the postal strike threat. I flirted with the postal carrier. Now I save money for fun. I will be debt free in November (but not my student loans) . I live next door to the downtown library. I have lots of books. Instead of buying books on a whim I add them to the wish list first. I have 130 books on my wish list from Amazon. I’m trying to find out what the max items on wish list is .

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I would be hesitant to eat the bugs in any urban area. They live on a diet of pavement runoff and acid rain.

If you wanted to raise locusts for food, that’s not an unhealthy source of protein.

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Not a problem. Everybody eats a spider every once in a while at night while asleep so any bugs eaten should be kept in check.

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@stanleybmanly Eating bugs can be a hobby.

@RedDeerGuy1 You need a better hobby than eating bugs.

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Well, the level of safety is relative and impossible to accurate assess, but they could be climbing into your walls and garbage. Flies eat poop. Bugs can carry diseases (see mosquitoes and ticks for examples of some awful diseases to be had from them eating you – malaria, zika, Lyme, etc etc), pesticides, rotting stuff… I imagine it’s somewhere near the safety level of licking and swallowing the crud in the worst parts of your house, since they get around. How clean are the top of your shelves or the inside of your walls or garbage cans or…

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You’re planning on cooking them first, right?

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You never know.. don’t do such things for saving some bucks.It can land you in trouble and cost more at the end.

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What I want to know is WTF…worms under your bed? Were they eating the corpse under your bed too?
I saved an eensy weensy spider today, the most minuscule little baby spider of some sort on my kitchen table, It has a white body the size of a pinhead. It took a lot of effort to get it by it’s eensy weensy web thread and let it drift off into the world.

One would have to eat 7 trillion of those spiders to get an 1/8th of a gram of protein.
Just buy a bag of peanuts and save the bugs the horror of your gaping maw. Birds need the bugs more than we do.

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NO! You should never eat random bugs, only specific ones.

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If there’s nothing else to eat in your apartment.

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Is this part of an overall plan to never again leave your apartment? ;-)

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Uncooked insect ingestion can lead to tapeworms, amongst other things. You may have an unknown allergy to the insect, or it may be toxic , or venomous.

I feel foolish saying this to, I assume an adult, but don’t just put things in your mouth. And don’t vote for Trump.

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Do not eat my insect robot spies, please.

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My cat seems to think they’re fine. She particularly likes silverfish.

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Yes, Renfield.

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Only if you’re my cat. And even then, somewhat selectively.

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Some bugs can be the vector for worm eggs and other harmful microbes. At least fully cooked them before consumption. Shrimp and crabs are also part of the bug family so there’s no need for hesitation and guilt.

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Hmmm, so what do you folks think would go best with bugs – barbecue, sweet ‘n sour or teriyaki sauce?

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^^^ Bacon wrapped of course! lol

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@darth – chocolate dipped, naturally, for that nougat crunch.

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Good suggestions above: he can have bugs for the main course AND dessert! :-P

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One such random bug is the Firx a small semi intelligent monstrosity that will hook itself to your vital organs and torture you into acting out of character by operating its little serrated chitin saws upon your liver. So, is it safe? You decide.

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The Album was called Meet The Beatles not eat the Beatles!

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Oh, I dunno. Are you aware of any safety hazards that would compromise your bug consumption? We would have to inspect the apartment.

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