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[Fluff time] When was the last time you took a helicopter trip?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) July 17th, 2016

Your last trip in a helicopter was because; you were airlifted to the ER, sightseeing, short commute hop between islands or remote oil drilling sites, etc.?

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December 1976, viewing construction through the jungles of Borneo.

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I got to sit in a helicopter during a school field trip to a fire station once, but we didn’t take off.

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A couple of years ago. We flew over the Canadian Rockies. It was fabulous. Loved it.

When were you last in a helicopter @HC?

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Sometimes as a airport shuttle from the Upper West Side. Blocks from home.

$200 for two hours saved.

Time, you never get that back.

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Got to take a quick spin in one that did the skycams at bonnaroo. Probably seven years ago

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Never. Never wanna.

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Not in my dreams as well.

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I love helicopters
I want a helicopter
Helicopters are awesome

[side note] I’m shit scared of flying…go figure

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Tourist on island of Kauai twenty years ago. First time I was in third grade; a friend’s father, in the neighborhood, took me and his son to work on a Saturday, the dad was a test pilot for Bell Helicopter. It was a three man ‘bubble’ copter like this one.

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Ive never been off the ground in one. However, we do make parts for them.

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1969, Vietnam. Transport from DaNang to ship.

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It’s been years. I’ve only been in a helicopter twice. The first was in a tiny privately owned ‘copter touring New York City at night (belonged to a stripper’s boyfriend – long, but interesting story). The second was a commercial helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon (didn’t pay for that one either, partner’s brother is the mechanic for the bird).

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Nobody says you have to be in one.

Go RC.

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I’m scared of heights, but strangely flying in a helicopter didn’t bother me. My husband who is not scared of heights was more nervous. We were up there for about 45 minutes. A storm was coming in later that day, so they’d cancelled the rest of the flights. We were the last people they took up and we ended up getting a little longer than normal.

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@SecondHandStoke Ahh but that’s just it you see, not only do I want to be in one, I want to pilot the fucker
The thing with me & planes is the “violent” take off & landing, with a helicopter you can control your take off, gradually gaining height at your own pace, I want me some of that
Also, they look & sound fantastic & I like the controls, bit like patting your head & rubbing your stomach…apparently

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It was 1959. My best friend and I both turned 13 and her parents gave us a helicopter ride around the city. We got to see the zoo and the capitol and all kinds of other neat things from the sky. I will never forget it.

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I’m already afraid of flying in an airplane. I can’t imagine any circumstance except being taken to a hospital that would ever get me to do it.

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@Earthbound_Misfit When were you last in a helicopter @HC?
I never had the chance, not even in the military. I use to be deathly afraid of flying, especially commercial. I always thought in interesting, I have flown 4 times and was wondering how it was different. Hopefully before I go I will have an opportunity.

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^ I’m deathly afraid of flying but it has nothing to do with a potential fiery crash.

Thanks TSA.

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