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When do you think rare items should be sold?

Asked by Walgt (102points) July 18th, 2016

Over the years, I acquired some rare, high-quality items from a video game I play. I just looked at how much some of these items sell for on the game’s community market and it turns out the knives and guns in my inventory are worth at least $15,000.

When do you think is a good time to sell them?

Should I wait a few more years? Should I sell it now?

Please share your reasoning.

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Are you talking about virtual guns and knives earned within the game or are you talking about real life weapons?

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They’re only worth what people are actually willing to pay for them. You don’t know what people will be willing to pay until you try to sell them.

With the world’s instability the way it is now, I’d figure a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and I’d try to sell them now instead of waiting.

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In my opinion the time to sell is when you can both part with the items and when they are worth money. If it’s a fad bringing the price up it is asap. If it’s a collectors item then sell when the economy is booming. If it is something that will continue to increase in value then sell when you need money.

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If you are going to keep them, you should try to insure them. Always on “Antiques Roadshow” they talk about insuring valuables. I’d say theft and fire are the two biggest culprits.

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Video game items can become worthless practically overnight.

If you don’t need them and can sell them, do.

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Video game items can become worth a lot with time too. On new systems the mantra when you are done playing them is sell sell sell

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I’d say $15k is probably really good.

Virtual items run the risk of becoming worthless if a new game pops up and no one is playing yours anymore. Ask anyone who’s invested a lot of time and/or money into SecondLife.

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Virtual. Link


The community market tells me what people were willing to pay for it and how much the volume of sales were in the last 24 hours. That is how I was able to figure out how much my inventory is worth.

I am tempted to keep them, but at the price they’re selling for, I am willing to give them up.


I can sell it to anyone in the world. Someone from the U.S recently sold one his rare sniper rifle finishes/skins for $12,000 to some guy in Qatar.

I do have collector items but they’re not worth as much as the exotic ones. The rare ones go for thousands of dollars, easily. The collectors go for the upper hundreds.

I have no idea if the items are something that will increase in value. Hence the question. Too much uncertainty. As @Seek brings up the point that the game maybe phased out soon by newer games or a newer version of this game. If they’re good, they would let the finishes/skins transfer over to the newer version of the game, but that is uncertain.

The game is about 4 years old now. I would say it has another 2–4 years left before it is phased out entirely by a newer version of the game or possibly other game titles.

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Anything like this, a non-existent item that has somehow acquired value, I would sell at the earliest possible opportunity before people wise up and realize they are actually buying the Emperors New Clothes.

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When you need the money or five years before you hit the normal age of death. (Women are still 81.6, I think, men have fallen to 73.6.)

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