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Does anyone else think it peculiar that the delegates in Cleveland are so adept at showing no signs of any sense of humor?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22356points) July 21st, 2016 from iPhone

I mean there’s some mighty funny stuff goin on there, but none of the attendees seem the least bit aware of it. The Hillary bits in particular amount to the worst job of “roasting” I’ve ever seen.

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It’s hard for anyone to have a sense of humor while staring up the barrel of a gun.

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I hope the Democrats, unlike the Republicans, show some humor regarding the plagiarism fiasco. I would leave it to Obama to address. He could say something like the following: Michele was not at all upset that Melalnia Trump stole from her speech. In fact she was rather flattered. We do, however, take as indicative of the inability of the Republicans to generate any new ideas.

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The republicans are humorless for a simple reason. They know that they have screwed up this election royally. They know that they had opportunities to go a different direction and they squandered them. They know that even dating back to 2000 (Bush II) they were buying into mediocrity. They had begun to lose their way.

So the convention goers in Cleveland are feeling crappy because it didn’t need to be this way. And all the blame in the world (Hillary is the devil! Obama is black!) can’t take away the truth, which is that this mess is of their own making.

I would feel depressed too, if I were at the convention. I wonder if the hotel bars are getting a lot of business.

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I’ve always wondered that, myself. Conservative talk radio hosts and their guests tend to be nasty, hateful, conspiratorial, foul-mouthed and illogical, while liberal ones tend to be clever, satirical, logical and amusing while making serious points. That’s a generalization at both ends of the spectrum, of course, but I’ve found more often true than not. I despise left wing media, but occasionally tune in just so I can hear what the haters are saying.

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@Pachy “I despise left wing media, but occasionally tune in just so I can hear what the haters are saying.” Did you intend to say right-wing media?

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@stanleybmanly I posit that your question is flawed. I have not seen any attendees demonstrate being adept at anything related to any common socialization skills, least of all humor.

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Well, there is some humor—as they interpret it. It comes in the form of bullying digs at their perceived enemies. They roll in the aisles at such “humor”. You see, it all depends upon the kind of person you are. Humor reveals that.

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How can anyone show signs of some trait they don’t possess. Takes no skill at all to avoid showing humor when one is bereft of such.

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I am not sure what you are asking. A delegate is not in the humor business. Humor is scorn, and a delegate can not afford to be scornful. A delegate does not need to be scornful. All he does is to represent the one who delegated him.

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