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I Don't Care About Anything, Anymore? Ever felt that way?

Asked by skip2mylou (82points) March 28th, 2017

I am not depressed just unmotivated. Now a days I feel very empty and cold. It’s like I have no feelings. I stopped doing things that use to excite me and make me feel good. I just rather stay home by myself away from everyone. Was invited to my next door neighbors
baby naming this week and decided not to go. Part of me feel bad, but the other side just didn’t care at the time. (personally I should have went.)

I use to be the kind of person that wanted to please everyone. Therefore I often put other people’s needs ahead of my own. I feel this has prevented me from reaching most of goals. I am 27 and I feel I wasted the majority of my life helping build other people’s dreams.

I have been screwed over by a lot of people I have trusted. I think this has made me a colder person. I don’t trust people like I use to nor do I care what anyone thinks about me anymore. Living in New York fuels the fire. Here the majority of people are out for themselves and would step over and use others for their own benefits.

Not caring for some reason feels really good. It’s as if I have attained a sense of mental freedom. Like as if I am more stress free, even though I still have 100 thoughts running through my head.
The only thing that makes me feel good anymore is when I am playing Football (Soccer). When I am on the field it feels like nothing else matters. Was wondering if anyone else ever felt like this.

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You say you don’t feel depressed, but then you go on to describe feelings that sound like classic depression. Depression is not just feeling sad. I recommend seeing a counselor. It helps me.

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It seems to me you do care about things. You care that NY seems cold and uncaring. You care about soccer. You care about not being bothered with the issues of other people which apparently have been somehow flung at you in the past.
I think you care about a great deal.
It seems to me what you are feeling now is a freedom from the entrapment of others dragging you into their problems.
Correct me if I am wrong in how I read it.
If I have understood you correctly, then what you do feel is healthy.
It is good to care about others, and their hardships, but it is not okay to overburden yourself with the problems of others. You can only do what you can do.

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Reminds me a little of when I was depressed, and ready to step into a new way of living. Particularly the part about living for others and feeling like that was an inauthentic unappreciated waste of my life.

I would take it as a sign that it’s time to re-assess how you want to live and who you want to spend your life with, and so on.

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I’ve been in similar situations. I’ve never been too emotional, but there have been moments where I couldn’t care less if I live or die.
I think everyone has those moments of bleakness and inertia sometimes. Let it go, it will pass on its own.
If it lasts for longer time (several months, for example) then you may want to see a doctor.
But if it’s just a few days, then it’s no big deal, imo.

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I think that it is sometimes difficult to see depression from the inside. You are totally describing feelings of depression. If that is so, then you need help to treat it. Good luck. We care.

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Sounds like you are letting the bastards grind you down. “illegitimi non carborundum”, Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

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I would say it’s normal. Just don’t punish everyone, for the deeds of others. There is a freedom to this thinking, but the price is loneliness…

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You do not know the difference in depression and your other possibilities.

Get a medical check up to be sure all of your blood work is OK and talk to your medical doctor about this.

Just because you have helped others is no reason to wait around to be helped. Get yourself together and take care of yourself. Now.

And, play soccer at every opportunity.

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