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Does Hillary's choice of running mate - Tim Kaine, bother or cause unease with anyone else?

Asked by msh (4262points) July 23rd, 2016 from iPhone

OK. So the man heads up Dem Natl Party, this and that. Boring…Spanish speaking…Dislikes ‘parts’ of Roe V Wade….Sponsored bills with Rob Portman (rabid Oh elephant). Etc etc etc.
Did anyone happen to catch his ideas on Fracking natural gas?
It’s a-ok. Clean burning. Yea!
Uh, never mind that it has been banned in some states for poisoning the ground and water tables. Or that there has been a marked increase in seismic activity. (Newer areas experienced this phenomenon for the first time because of fracking near by. Hello Cleveland!)
Or uses stealing families’ rights to their land- below the surface – to frack on land belonging to the generations? Even against their wishes?
Then why did Gov Johnny Kasich make so much $ by taking the dirty fracking water from Eastern States ( who didn’t want that poison in Their backyards! ) and filled up Ohio’s natural caves, old mines, etc. with the poison? (Thanks PA,!- oh don’t fret- he bought New Jerseys’ trash for planting here in the state also! )
Does it bother anyone else that he believes fracking in the National Parks is a good thing?
Gee- does that make the Canadian oil pipeline a-ok also?
This man?
How about his stance on banking laws?
(Forehead palm)
Anyone? Anyone?
Oh, Hillary.

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About what I’d expect from Clinton. i.e. Looks about as pro-corporate-evil as she thinks she can get away with. And with her former associate Trump playing frightening clown opposition, and the news media in her pocket, it seems she thinks she’ll be getting away with quite a lot. This just looks like the tip of the iceberg, to me.

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Nope. Not when you consider who could win if you don’t vote for her. She could have picked Darth Vader and I would still, reluctantly, vote for her.

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Yes. I already didn’t want to vote for her, and this only reinforces the feeling. I just read an article that also said he supported deregulation of banks. What the serious fuck? And he was also a missionary in a foreign country, which I strongly oppose. Clinton may as well go back in time and ask George W. Bush to be her VP.

I’m still not sure how I’m voting (other than not voting for Trump, I mean) , but I really can’t stand her.

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He’s very strong on gun control which is one plus for him in my book.

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Oh, look, she picked a moderate Republican who put a “D” after his name.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I say. Also astonished.

Is she actively cutting her losses with Progressives and Liberals, and going after the Anti-Trump Republican vote?

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^ Any candidate who’s gotten a perfect score on women’s issues from Planned Parenthood and an F rating from the NRA is not a Republican in today’s party. Clinton is doing a clumsy/delicate balancing act in order to defeat Trump and Kaine has a wealth of good experience. I’m not ready to judge her choice until I know more.

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Hey, ya never know, maybe he’ll slaughter her with a big knife, smiling as he does it

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Couldn’t get hyperlinking to work right but suggest a look at this article before pre-judging him. Sounds like quite a principled, progressive to me even if I might not agree with his stance on fracking.

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It didn’t bother me only because I had previously asked myself “who would volunteer to run with her?”

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Just listened to his speech on NPR.

It was very… apple pie. Could have come right out of an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Super Catholic, grew up in an all-boys school helping Pa work at the ironworker shop until he went to law school then took a year off to help teach poor Honduran kids carpentry, and then he met a Republican (he made sure to stress they were Republican) politician’s daughter and got married and lived happily ever after.


If the race were between Trump, Hillary, and The Most Boring Life Story I’ve Ever Heard, I’d probably vote for him, because he seems fairly harmless and his views on war don’t suck. But does Baron Von Vanilla make me feel better about Hillary? No.

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Haven’t yet read anyone else’s response. Will do so after posting.

Until yesterday I had never heard of Tim Kaine. This morning I listened to his speech and I am very thrilled to have him on the ticket with Hillary : )

He sounds intelligent, knowledgeable of how things actually work in government, he has lots of experience, he seems quite liberal, and he seems interested in actually helping people in this country, all people, not just rich white people and dumb white trash people.

He’s not a blow hard, and he’s not interested in setting back the country 50 years. So far so good.

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I thought Hillary is in favor of fracking, why be so upset her VP is? It’s one of things I didn’t like about her.

I like Tim Kaine ok. Choosing him doesn’t affect my overall feelings about the ticket. One thing I don’t know is his aptitude regarding international affairs. Is he weak on that? Obviously, she has a lot of experience with that, but I think our VP choices right now should be too.

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Ok, ok, some very good points. Johnny Kasich ( again with OH gov) quietly cut Planned Parenthood to smithereens. Kaine is wobbly on his veiws here vs actions in this subject. (½ credit only.) Gun control- he is against the rootin’ tootin’ gun carrying masses- a good point!
Perhaps his approachability will be a boon. Some very positive reactions above also.
Personally, I believe that watching the inside politics vs the sinking mess of foriegn affairs on steroids will be not only time consuming, but will entail a whole new way of handling what worldwide changes we are now witnessing. Anything goes. I, for one, am Greatly Appreciative of Hillary’s experience with all the players and successors.
Kaines closeness with OH elephant -Portman gives me great concern. Ie: shivers and furrowed brow. No wonder John Stewart made such fun of Ohio!
It’s almost like futilely of the movie character who is trying to claw her way out of a freshly dug swimming pool hole while it’s raining, during Speilberg’s Poltergeist; it ain’t gonna happen here either. ( Gosh I love his scary films…oops. I digress….)
Perhaps Stephen Kolbert’s/John Stewart’s take on the Dem Natl C this week will ease my mind.
Thank you all for what I needed to think on some more. I need to study him more.

EC-you made me laugh out loud. Perhaps he can also bring THE FORCE with him! Every measure would pass full measure from Congress in order to avoid the handless choke-hold.

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