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A sign said post no bills. Should I put my phone bill on it?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17704points) July 25th, 2016

Humor welcome.

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Post your neighbor’s phone bill instead, thereby championing HIS freedom of speech.

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Actually that sign was aimed at duck hunters. Once you have killed your duck, you can’t do anything much with the bill – it doesn’t taste good. So people took to hanging them up.

Problem was that too many ducks were being hunted.

Hence the sign “Post no bills”.

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People used to put up (post) all kinds of paper signs and banners for rodeos, movies, plays, circuses, political crap. Got to be a nuisance, like graffiti is today. So building owners put up their own posters: “Post no bills.”

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Put a pic of Bill Clinton on it.

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I blame Wyatt Earp. First he put up signs for Bilyl the Kid, and then signs for Wild Bill Hickok. Then he got romantic and started putting up pictures of Billy Holiday.

But posters of Billy Joel was taking it too far.

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Yes, you should.

Also a picture of Bill the Cat.

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@Zaku Bill the cat has the brain of Donald Trump.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That is really mean to say about Bill the Cat.

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@zenvelo Its the truth. Sorry that I can’t find a bloomy country link.

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Tack up a dollar bill, maybe others will follow suit and you can watch from the bushes until there are a bunch of bills then nab ‘em. haha

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No, I would post your neighbour’s bill and let them post yours. That way when the police come you can sincerely deny doing it and your neighbour will support you. When the penalty for bill posting is a minimum of 75 years in jail you can’t be too careful.

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