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Suggestion: Could Fluther incorporate a captcha code when signing up?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) July 26th, 2016

It seems we get a lot of spam in the general section with spam bots selling all sorts of useless products and services.

Would a captcha code for new users help? Or what I’ve noticed some websites are doing now, is they ask you a series of three generic general knowledge questions to see if you are human or bot.

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Good idea except there is no development work being done for fluther. The founders have moved on to other ventures.

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There is a test at sign-up, and it is functioning properly. Try signing out and trying to open a new account and you’ll see it.

Bots are constantly getting more sophisticated, and the best you can hope for these days is to screen out a majority of incursions. And if there’s an actual human driving the spam wagon, then there’s not much to be done.

While it may seem like we get lots of spam these days, there was a time a few years back when the CAPTCHA went down, and we would get hundreds of spam posts daily. What we get now is peanuts, really.

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Spam is like graffiti. The mods here scrub efficiently, and actually exhibit more zeal than I would expect in purging us of infestations.

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@zenvelo Are the founders ever going to give the keys of the city (so to speak) to someone who is interested in advancing the site?

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Just speaking for myself, I like it better without new development.

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It seems like a lot of spam now just has URL in the title of the question. Legit users never seem to do that.

I would just dev/null any question with http in the title. Regexs are fun.

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@zenvelo Not quite true. Phi and Mariah have been given access to the site and are lending us their coding knowledge. A lot of what they’ve been doing is fixing stuff that used to work but gotten broken somewhere along the way. But there have been bigger changes, too (like the Users Chatting box that Phi added).

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Spam sucks but it’s inevitable. I find it as easy to ignore as questions that don’t interest me.

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