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Who would you give a presidential pardon to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17698points) July 26th, 2016

Outgoing presidents typically pardon prisoners. Who would you liked to be pardoned? I would pardon those with minor possession of pot. What about you?

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The dude from the Netflix show.

Don’t sue the cops unless you are willing to move.

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Interesting, I didn’t read the priors. I thought no one would say Snowden.

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Let me go out to wreak some havoc and I will get back to you.

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I wouldn’t pardon Snowden. His record is mixed.

First, he hasn’t been convicted of anything. We should not be following the precedent of pre-trial pardons that the Republicans have used for war criminals, traitors, and weasels.

Second, Snowden did compromise operations against real enemies of the US. He was too indiscriminate.

You don’t become a hero by taking the easy route. Snowden knew the consequences could be severe and he took the risk.

Now, who WOULD I pardon? I’d look at the non-violent drug offenders in Federal prisons. Though it would only be a small dent compared to the state prisons, but the president can only pardon federal prisoners.

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Non-violent drug offenders.

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Snowden and have him testify before congress.

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Chelsea Manning.

And I would free Leonard Peltier too.

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Bernie Tiede. I watched the movie “Bernie” staring Jack Black and I think that Bernie didn’t commit murder in the 1st degree. It was 2nd degree murder and he should have gotten a 20 year sentence not life.

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