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A good place to find wedding songs?

Asked by celticsfan2008 (42points) July 31st, 2008

I need some help finding wedding songs for a friend’s wedding, any suggestions?

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Their iTunes library :)
then ask an orchestra to cover them.
i.e. Everlong by foo fighters in orchestra style (Friends Monica and Chandler’s wedding) AMAZING!

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I think it depends very much on the style of ceremony and the bride & groom’s taste. We put our music together ourselves (it was very important to us) and mixed classical, jazz, rock and folk.

If you google popular wedding songs, you will find a bunch of sites and lists of what people are using these days. Here is one site. “Here”: is another.

One I didn’t see on any of those sites that people used to use a lot was Paul Stookey’s Wedding Song. People use Celine Deion’s Power of Love.

For classical, there are many great choices. You can never go wrong with Bach in my opinion.

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Go to songza and type in wedding songs and see what comes up.

I don’t really suggest iTunes; check their CD piles.

Yes. CD’s.

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@megalongcat, why not their iTunes? they’ll have ripped their CDs to it…?

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@lefteh I had forgotten that (amazing that I would, isn’t it?). Thanks for the chuckle.

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Queen You’re My Best Friend is great as a wedding song too.

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Depending on how old the couple is, they might not of ripped all 100+ CD’s they could possibly have into their iTunes collection. Most people I know even around my age never bothered to rip the majority of their CD collections into iTunes. It’s a suggestion anyway.

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iTunes now carries wedding mixes – definitely worth browsing for ideas.

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There are lot of places. one is best place is internet.
But if you are looking for new song then you can hire a singer or composer and they can create a new song for you.

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