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Are there any disadvantages to using a lot of data when you have a cell phone plan with unlimited data?

Asked by jca (35984points) July 31st, 2016

Are there any disadvantages to using a lot of data when you have a cell phone plan with unlimited data?

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You ignore the people around you a lot.

I can’t think of a technical problem, except you reduce battery life.

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I’ve kept my unlimited even though I’ve been told I can reduce my bill if I change to a limit. Even a limit far above the amount of data I use. I think because in the old days going over in phone minutes they gauged you so badly you wanted to call your congressman. They did it with no warning you were going over. I recently have been looking at phone plans again, and now they supposedly give you warnings when you’re getting close.

I just like that it’s mindless. I never have to worry.

Logically, I think I should switch plans. We’ll see.

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Well, on my plan (prepaid), I have a certain amount of data at LTE speed, and after that it goes to basically dial-up speed. So the downside is if I use too much data it gets tedious to read websites after a while.

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Not really unless you have a miserly provider who throttles (reduces) the data rate for people who use a lot of data.

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No. Why would there be?

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@Dutchess_III: I don’t know. If I knew, I wouldn’t ask the question.

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Ok…what kind of problem do you think there could be? I’ve been doing the Pokeymon Go, using my phone on the road a LOT last week, in Stl Louis and Springfield. I had my hotspot with me, and it’s the first time I’ve ever really used it. Today, back home, I wanted to Pokeymon but I didn’t have my hotspot. Then I realized I wasn’t really exactly sure how my hotspot even worked, so I called my service provider and educated myself. Turns out Pokey doesn’t even use data, just GPS, which is pretty much negligible.
I had a specific concern, which I addressed. So do you have a specific concern?

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No, no specific concern. My phone is provided by my job and I try to not use it too much. Just curious if I did, would there or could there be a problem.

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Yeah, I’ve been playing PoGo since it came out and used less than a gig in a month. It’s not that hefty a data hog.

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Yes, if you use a lot of data despite an unlimited plan (like north of 20 Gb per month) they will do what they do to @Seek – your speeds will be throttled.

What scares them the most is people streaming sports and movies all day long, because it clogs the system and the companies made a bad business decision years ago. They can’t raise your rate or sell you more data per month, so they are stuck.

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Well, it was a good question @jca!

I’m at level 6 @Seek. My 16 year old grandson really helped get me started. My son helped me with more stuff yesterday. He set a couple of eggs incubating, and that’s how I found out they have something built in so that driving 10km, with the program running, won’t hatch the eggs. >_< And my son’s 8 year old son has a Big Book of Pokeymon. He’s shown it to me in the past, but when he showed it to me again last weekend I almost ripped it out of his hands so I could steal it and study up!

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Haha, my childhood is vindicated: I grew up playing Who’s That Pokemon?

I hit level 20 today, and evolved my third Eevee into a Jolteon. Now I’ve got the trifecta.

Have you picked a team yet?

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Yes, but I forget who it is.

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