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Where do you go to find cutting edge artists and companies creating inventive things?

Asked by paddikelly (2points) July 31st, 2008
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What kind of things? What kind of art? For what purpose? Welcome to Fluther. If you use the details section of the question to provide context it is helpful to the Flutherers trying to answer.

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Oh fantastic – thanks. On a personal note, I am looking for young artist because I am in the market for either a painting or a photograph for my apartment and I am having a hard time finding anything that excites me. On the innovate companies front, I am trying to find exciting and forward thinking companies to partner with that are creating tangible artifacts that people can enjoy. I work in advertising but am trying to find ways for big corporations to spend their massive media dollars in more useful and forward thinking ways so they are not just disrupting the world – but ideally adding to it. Hope that helps

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I can’t think of a better resource than the SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art) Exposition held every spring in NY and every fall in Chicago. It’s an enormous assembly of international design talent.

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Local art shows often draw new, undiscovered talent.

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@Paddy; Check out He does cutting edge fashion and art photography and is young. (Disclamer – he is one of my nephews – but his work speaks for itself.)

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Also for an angle, try There are galleries there and links to dozens of up-and-coming artists.

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There is the Saatchi Gallery , where you can buy art free of commision.

Other artists showcase their work in another area of the same gallery.
Here’s my own as an example.

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Sounds interesting, but I’m still confused about the innovative company part of ur question…

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Exciting and forward thinking companies? Creating tangible artifacts that people can enjoy?” Say no more: Ideo , Frog Design , Lunar Designs and Design continuum

If you need objective information on these or any other company, check out Hoovers

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