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What's in the trunk/boot of your car?

Asked by Stinley (11525points) August 8th, 2016 from iPhone

Are you a hoarder, keeping all sorts of things in there just in case you need them? Or is your car boot empty? What do you think it says about you?

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Right now…golf bag

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Hiking boots/Hiking socks
A small daypack I use for hiking
Two stainless steel water bottles.
An empty mailing tube for a piece of artwork.

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I know exactly what’s in the trunk because my car is fairly new.

1) A large bag of smaller plastic and cloth bags required here for “green” grocery shopping. I rarely remember to take one into the store!
2) A tote bag filled with roadside emergency “musts,” few of which I’ve never used. Includes flares, two first aid kis (I love first aid kits!), various lengths of stretch cords with hooks, and more.
3) A reflective window shade which I can’t use because it was custom-fitted to my previous car. It cost me so much that I can’t bear to toss it.
4) And my prized auto gadget… a pump that attaches to the cig lighter that allows me to inflate the tires. I’ve NEVER used it, despite faithfully having stowed it in a succession of car trunks over the years.

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I have a Jeep Wrangler, a very old one. It probably wouldn’t be street legal in the States. There is no trunk in a Wrangler, really. There is a kind of lazarette where I keep tools. I have Jeep water canisters strapped to each side and I usually carry a little animal feed or dog food. It’s a work vehicle. I’m mostly on horseback, though. A horse will get you around a lot easier in this terrain than a truck or auto. My mare has a better personality, too. If I need to carry stuff around, I use a burro. Mine is named Betsy.

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Tennis shoes, a jacket and a spare dog leash. The leash is just in case I see a lost dog that needs help.

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Tabletop hockey game. A couple of baby blankets I use for the dog. First aid kit/s. Booster cables. A couple of pairs of shoes for dressing up after I arrive at events. I don’t like to drive in dressy shoes. A folding chair. A shovel stump. Traction aids.

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reusable shopping bags

I have 2 from LL Bean. They’re the best. I can carry tons of stuff in them.

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Car shampoos and other cleaning agents, reusable shopping bags, other car stuff and a dead bod…....oops! That is all.

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Nothing, including all tire change kit. A cellphone and an AAA card upset the car’s dynamic balance much less.


It’s a CAR, not a closet. I don’t what to hear any bitching about how cars are bad for the environment from anyone that constantly drags around 40 pounds of junk.

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A spare tire and jack, first aid kit, and the CD player.

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I asked this because today I drove to work with a tumble dryer in my boot. Usually I don’t have much other than car maintenance stuff. (And I have used my tyre inflator). Sometimes I put stuff for the charity shop in there even though I know I won’t take it for a few days. If I leave it in the house the children change their minds about donating it.

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I drive a pick-up truck. I keep my work tools/supplies in there. When I used to have a boot (we call ‘em “trunks”) I kept a spare tire, jumper cables, misc. tools, jack and lug wrench, and a spare quart of engine oil.

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I don’t have a car but there is a very small bag that hangs behind the saddle of my bicycle in which I keep a puncture repair outfit, a spare inner tube and a spanner.

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Mine has a secret underground art stash that I am waiting to find a remote subversive art distributor to or mystery recipient for. And some newspaper shreds and jumper cables.

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I own a minivan with no trunk. I have a large dufflebag with a change of clothes for each of my grandsons, 4 baseball caps, two sweatshirts, a blanket, a car vacuum, a bag of granola bars (which I change out every month) a paper towel roll, a microfiber cloth and a first aid kit. I also have a bag of re-usable grocery bags.
There is a spare tire kit stashed in a basement type space under the floorboards

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Usually nothing. For a while there I kept a plastic bin in my trunk. It was great. I put grocery bags in it so soda bottles and milk cartons didn’t fall down and risk crushing my bread when I drove home from the store. It also made carrying in my groceries easier. I just brought in the bin.

My husband took the bin for himself and I never replaced it. Since then I have bought insulated bags to keep groceries cold. I’m really happy with them actually.

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Show me a search warrant and maybe I’ll tell youse. ;-p

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