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Have you bought, or would you buy, an Otter Box for your cell phone?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) August 8th, 2016

Are they amazing protection, or overly hyped?

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My boss bought one for my work phone, but I never used it; too bulky. (I carry my phone in my pocket.)

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I have an off-band protector. I couldn’t justify the major $$$ hat otterbox costs. There are others, copycats, for less than half the price.

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It probably protects a phone really well, but you have to unseal it to use the phone. That would make it a major pain to use.

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I had an Otterbox very briefly. I bought it when I upgraded my phone. Switched to a Ballistic brand case. It does a great job of protecting my phone. Yes, it’s bulky, but I am clumsy and need super protection on my phone.

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They are overpriced, ugly and not in any way practical but they will protect your phone/tablet etc. There are off brand cases that IMO are just as good and waay more practical for a tenth of the cost. No, I will not buy another.

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Sorry I missed your call.

Your call will be returned in approximately one half hour when I have finished removing my phone from it’s case.

Have a nice day.”

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I don’t intend getting one. I hear they can cause phones to overheat.

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You can buy an otter box on eBay for about $8, shipped, NIP.

I didn’t know you had to open the Otter Box before you could use the phone.
So, what are we using with success, other than Ballistic brand?
I need brand names and reasons.
Should I get a screen protector?

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I used an Otter Box case for a previous phone, and you do not have to take the case off before using it. I don’t know why people are even saying that. I agree that they’re overpriced for what they are. However, they definitely do protect your phone. They’re bulky, which I found slightly annoying. They don’t slide on fabric well at all, so if you keep it in a pocket, it will catch a little bit when you reach to take it out.

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Thanks, @DrasticDreamer.
I couldn’t imagine having to remove the case to use the phone.

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I was thinking of one of these:
They are indestructible, but a pain to get to the phone.

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